10 Actionable Money Making Website Ideas

When we talk about Internet marketing, one should get familiar with websites ideas to make money. The Internet has no doubt changed the way we perform marketing.

Most business owners recognize the tremendous potential of Internet marketing for the success of their company. In addition to this, statistics show that there are about 3 billion people worldwide – about a third of the world population – who already now has Internet access.

Think about the market size that the World Wide Web offers for entrepreneurs! The opportunities are limitless.

Make Money Online

While there are many ways on how you can use the Internet to earn and generate the considerable amount of money, it will be wise to explore the opportunities that some websites may offer you. Instead of scrambling by your self to get started online, you can tap on the power of the already established websites and use that for your own gain.

In this post, I listed some of the websites that you can work with to make money online.

1. Facebook

Obviously, when we talk about Websites idea to make money, I would fail not to mention about Facebook.

Currently, there are about 250 million active Facebook users around the world, which only proves that Facebook is the undisputed leading social networking site.

So how can Facebook help you? The answer is social marketing. It is the practice of using social media to reach a greater market size.

Facebook is a great platform that you can use to promote your website. Using Facebook for business purposes is free, but you can always opt for their advertising program which is considerably cheaper with the great return on investment.

2. YouTube

At first look, YouTube might not be the place to earn money, but you will be surprised by how it can actually help you convert more sales.

It is a fact that people are more entertained or interested in images and videos. That’s the main reason that YouTube is a great hit.

When you upload a video on YouTube and it turned viral, YouTube will then consider your video as a candidate for the advertisement program. They will contact you and pay you in exchange for letting them place ads on your videos.

Moreover, you can use YouTube to promote your services and products as well. By sponsoring a video, your ad can be shown before, during, and after the video is played.

3. WriterAccess

One money making idea out there is becoming a freelancer working with WriterAccess;  a website for skilled and passionate writers.

WriterAccess.com is always looking for freelancers who are open to take work. There are 100's of topics that you can choose from and if you are fortunate, you can easily turn into a full-time writer for the company.

Depending upon your competitiveness and writing performance, writers can earn anywhere from .10 to $1.00 per word written.

Learn more by visiting the the WriterAccess how it works page.

4. ODesk

oDesk is arguably the largest online work in the world. It is an online platform where employers and contractors can meet. An employer can post a job and specify the work requirement while contractors can explore the many job posts in oDesk. You should visit oDesk and see if there is an open job that will complement your working speciality and experience. oDesk can offer you jobs pertaining to website development, software development, networking and information system, writing and translation, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer service, sales and marketing, and business service.

Moreover, there are other websites similar to oDesk as well. These include elance.com, freelance.com, craigslist.com, guru.com, getfreelancer.com, and more.

5. eBay

eBay is the largest international consumer-to-consumer corporation in the world. Just like oDesk, eBay is a platform where sellers and buyers meet. So if you have something to sell, you can post it on eBay and earn money through the process.

eBay is not the only buy-and-sell platform; you can also opt for a local online website to narrow down your market. Sometimes, the international market is not the right one for you since logistics may consume a major portion of your earning.

6. Squidoo

As part of making money website ideas, Squidoo has an exponentially high level of traffic and posting content on the website will surely increase your online visibility. Of course, Squidoo will not pay you for the content you submit to their website, but the backlink from Squidoo will increase the possibility of sale conversion. If you do not like Squidoo, you can use Ezine as an alternative choice.

7. Hubpages

You might have heard about Hubpages. This is one of the fastest growing blogging sites on the Internet today. You can suggest WordPress, but I would safely assume that WordPress will not readily allow you to link your site with Google AdSense. Hubpages can provide you with different ways to earn money from your writing passion. You can link your Hugpages account with Amazon, AdSense, Ad Program, eBay, and others.

8. iStockPhoto

IStockPhoto gives you the privilege to earn through your hobby or passion – photography. If you have a very cool camera, a touch of creativity, and knowledge with image editing software, then iStockPhoto is your new best friend. As you upload photos on the website, you will get extra money when your photo is chosen and someone will buy its rights.

9. Multiply.com

Multiply.com started as a networking site, very much similar to Facebook. It is a very promising website at first but with the rise of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, and other networking sites, Multiply.com’s popularity started to wane. Thankfully, the website found a new avenue to keep afloat. Multiply.com became a massive marketplace where you can post your products and services while retaining its social networking site format.

10. Create your website

Now, if you cannot find the right website to start earning money online, then why not create your own website, right? You can start your website without even spending a single dime, but it will be great to purchase a domain name to be unique and stay professional. Your website can be used in different ways with earning online in mind. This can be done through affiliate marketing, hosting your products or services, place ads from other company, and others.

These are just some of the ways of making money from a  website you can visit to start earning a living. Working online has its own perks as you may already know at this time. Be dedicated and put your mind to it and you will eventually be successful at what you are doing.

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