21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs For Night Owls


21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs For Night Owls

Are you searching for flexible jobs on the internet? I will solve your problem. Do you know? Most people all over the world have a regular day job. But they spend their valuable evening time by watching TV. If you one of those people who find evening or night jobs. You need to read this content. I discuss 21 flexible work at home jobs for night owls in this content. Read attentively 21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs For Night Owls

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Flexible Work at Home Jobs:


This very well-Know company offers flexible part-time jobs teaching English at home. Most workers earn an average of $14-$16 per hour. You can work day and night shifts available.


This offers to work as customer service agents. You can work anytime from 4 am clear through to 5 pm. The working hours are flexible so you can work anytime. Please purchase a good quality headset for taking phone calls.

3..Working Solution:

This company hires to work at home opportunities in various fields. Previous call centre experience is a plus point for you. You can work day and night shifts when you want to do the work.

4. 3 play media:

3playmedia is also a well-known company. They hire people to work at home. If you want to work with them, you need to commit to working a minimum of 15 hours each week. The job is editing transcripts from home. You can work anytime when you want.

5.Appen Bulten Hill:

This is also a popular company. You can work from home in this company. You must work at least 20 hours each week in this company. Your offices hour is flexible. You can work anytime day and night.

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FancyHands is also a well-known company who hires virtual Assistants. You can work as a freelancer in this company. You need to work on proofreading documents, researching information online, booking a limo or making dinner plans.

21 Flexible Work at Home Jobs For Night Owls

7.USA Contact Point:

This company hires you as customer service agents to work from home. You need to respond to some of the questions asked by their client regarding their products and services.


This is also a popular company who hires online trainers to teach English on their web-based platform. You need to teach English over the phone. Then You need to give feedback to the student. You must monitor the student’s progress.



This company hires you to carry out market research. They will train you. You can work from the comfort of your home in the evening hours. You must have a landline telephone. This is a good recommendation for you on Amazon.


This company will hire you as a call centre agent for this company working from home. You can work as an independent contractor in this company. You just need to have $65 ready for the cost of both a credit and background check.

11.Alorica at Home:

This company hir5es you as a customer service agent. You would be an employee of the company working from home. You must be meet their home office technical requirements for working with them. The system is hourly per call or per minute rate.


Rev is a reputable transcription company who hires you as a translator, a transcriptionist or both. This company hires who can do a good job and take pride in delivering high-quality work. I recommend you taking Janet’s free 4- days transcription course. Thus help you become a full-time transcriptionist.

13. Modsquad:

This is a famous company who hires moderators to work from home. You can work anywhere in the world.

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14. Smart Crowd:

This is a well-known company who hires online data entry typing task from home.

15.Click worker:

This is also a famous company. You can work anytime and anywhere in this company. You need to do a web search, editing, data entry, writing, and translation, among others. Your payment starts $9 per hour.

16. Writing:

There are many online jobs available online. You need excellent grammar and great research and writing skills.They hire you for creating online content such as articles or blogs.

17.Cha Cha:

they hire people to work with them. You need to provide answers to their website using your mobile phone.

18.Reasoning Mind:

This is a tutoring company. You can work where tutoring sessions are conducting through skype. You need to teach students virtually. You can earn some smart cash in the process.

19.Voice log:

This company hires you as a live operator to work from home. You can work any time in this company.


This is a well-known transcription company. They hire you as a transcriptionist to work from home. They will pay you $10 for each audio hour. I recommend you check out Janet’s Free 4-days transcription course. It helps you turn your passion into a full-time career.

21.ORC International:

They hire you as telephone research interviews. You need to interviews on behalf of fortune 500 companies. You can work anytime and anywhere. Their payment rate of $8.75 an hour.

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Need More Night Jobs From Home read below:

If you need more night jobs from home jobs. I will share with you an excellent company where you can find your favourite jobs in this company. This company name is flex jobs.

Website URL: www.Flexjobs.com

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