Top 9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

Top 9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms:

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Almost all mothers who stay at home and taking care of their children, they want to search for a job opportunity to work from home with their flexible time. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, approximately 27% of unemployed women work from home and I’m sure, these women are mothers who are taking care of their children simultaneously. For this reason, I sacrificed this content to help those moms who want to work stay in the household.

Being able to stay at home with your kids and still make money on your own schedule, It’s definitely possible when you choose the right extra income opportunities that allow you to work from home. You can easily earn an extra minimum $800 or over per month.

  1.  General Transcriber/Transcriptionist

Moms are appropriate for a transcription job and a lot of companies who hire transcription jobs to work at home opportunity. As a transcriber or transcriptionist, you can listen to audio or video recordings which could be anything from interviews, college lectures, or court hearings and types them into a document. According to Glassdoor and most of the transcription companies, they basically pay between $10 to $16.36 per hour or more depending on your skills.

All transcription companies need some basic requirements there are applicant must have a windows computer with the latest update, good typing-speed, high-speed internet connection, a high-quality headphone etc. Most of the companies hire transcriber no need past experience but some companies want 1 or 2 years past transcription experience requirement.

9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

Where are you apply:

  • Scribe

Apply here: https://scribie.com/audio-transcription-service#process

  • CastingWords

Apply here: https://workshop.castingwords.com/worker/login

  • GoTranscript

Apply here: https://gotranscript.com/transcription-jobs

  • Rev.com

Apply here: https://www.rev.com/account/auth/login

  • TranscribeMe

Apply here: https://transcribeme.com

You can more check, visit here more than best 15+ transcription companies offer transcription jobs no need past experience requirement.

  1. Virtual Assistant Jobs

As a virtual assistant, you can work varieties tasks as like as data entry, customer service, real estate, telemarketing, social media management, email management, email outreach, scheduling of blog posts, finding pictures, and editing etc that clients want to be done.

For this job requirement, you must have a typing speed of 45 wpm, a landline, computer operate skills and a windows computer with high-speed internet. You can earn between $9 to $10 per hour depending on your skill.

Where are you apply:

  • Virtual Office VA

Apply here:  https://www.virtualofficeva.com/

  • 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Apply here: https://www.247virtualassistants.com/careers.php

  • UpWork

Apply here: https://www.upwork.com/signup/?dest=home

  • Freelancer

Apply here: https://www.freelancer.com/

  • Fiverr

Apply here: https://www.fiverr.com/start_selling

You can more check jobs and read details visit here… 15 Legitimate Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants.

Top 9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

  1. Customer Service Rep (Call Centers)

A lot of US-based companies offer call center representative jobs to work as a virtual agent to answer their inbound customer service calls. These jobs generally pay anywhere at home salary range between $8 to $15 per hour, depending upon experience.

To become a Customer Service Representative, you must need good customer service skills, a landline phone, and a windows computer with high-speed internet.

Where are you apply:

  • Working Solutions

Apply here: https://workingsolutions.com/agentopportunities/

  • American express

Apply here:https://careers.americanexpress.com/ (offers benefits)

  • Jobs.alpine access

Apply here: https://jobs.alpineaccess.com/apply/stages-of-application-process/

  • NexRep

Apply here: https://socrates.nexrepapps.com/socratesUI/SocratesWeb/LandingPage

  • Neiman-Marcus

Apply here: https://neimanmarcus.referrals.selectminds.com/neiman-marcus-group/

You can more read details, visit here more than 15 companies offer call center representative jobs no past experience required.

  1. Search Engine Evaluator

Some companies offer Search Engine Evaluator jobs to work stay at home opportunity with your flexible schedule. Moms are allowed for this job and they can easily work beside their household work. Search Engine Evaluator means when you search for something in Google the search engine tries to bring you the most accurate results but sometimes they get it wrong. That’s where search engine evaluators come in for the purpose of search engine errorless. These jobs usually offer anywhere in the world and pay between $10 to $15 per hour.

Here’s someplace where you can apply to be a search engine evaluator:

  • LeapForce Search Engine Evaluator

Apply here: https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs

  • The Smart Crowd

Apply here: https://www.thesmartcrowd.com/about/workers/job-opportunities/

  • Appen

Apply here: https://www.appen.com/company/opportunities/

  1. Online Tutor

If you have the expert in any one or more subjects and you love teaching others, you can work as a tutor. Vast tutor website around the world where need experts tutors with their verities subjects. Moms are allowed for this jobs. Tutor companies offer more than thousands of subjects for tutoring in which you can find a tutoring job. If you have specific knowledge of one or more subjects or second language then tutoring might be a good fit for you. Basically, you can make between $10 to $15 or more per hour depending on your subject and skill.

As become a tutor, you must have some requirement these are: a windows computer with the latest update, a high-quality webcam, a Headset with a microphone and high-speed internet.

Here is someplace where you can apply to be an online tutor job:

  • Tutor

Apply Here: https://www.tutor.com/

  • PrepNow.com

Apply Here: https://www.prepnow.com/

  • TutorVista

Apply Here: https://www.tutorvista.com/

  • Student-Tutor

Apply Here: https://student-tutor.com/

  • TutorMe

Apply Here: https://tutorme.com/

You can also check tutor jobs place and see more details, visit the top 12 tutor website who offer legitimate tutor jobs.   

  1. Data Entry Clerk

As become a Data entry clerk,  you can type relatively fast, have a computer with the latest update, and high internet speed. If you have those requirements, you can get a data entry job so easily. Moms who want to search for online jobs, data entry is the most perfect for them. Some companies offer data entry jobs and they pay structure can be per hour, per project, or per words typed. As a beginner, you can make average $8 to $15 or more per hour depending on your skill.

Here is someplace where you can apply to be a data entry clerk:

  • Clickworker

Apply here: https://www.clickworker.com/become-a-clickworker/

  • Diondatasolutions

Apply here: https://www.diondatasolutions.net/opportunities.html  

  • Sigtrack

Apply here: https://sigtrack.net/

Top 9 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

  1. Web Developer

Web developers generally build dynamic websites and maintain high traffic websites or develop software. As a web developer, you must ability to builds websites from the ground up and required a great knowledge of HTML and CSS and also, the ability to write code from scratch. If you have those requirements and love this, you can be built a good career. According to Glassdoor, Web Developer can make anywhere between $67k to $135k per year depending on the type of jobs performed.

Here is included some great place where you can find and apply to be a Web Developer.

  • Indeed     

Apply here: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Web+Developer

  • CareerBuilder.com

Apply here: https://www.careerbuilder.com/?cbrecursioncnt=1

  • Monster.com

Apply here: https://www.monster.com/jobs/search/?q=Web-Developer

  • Upwork

Apply here: https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/browse/?q=web%20devloper

  1. Document Translator

As a Document translator, you can translate documents from one language to another. You’ll need a good understanding of the language you’re translating so that you can carefully convey the meaning of the first document in the translated document.

Here is included some great place where you can find and apply to be a Document Translator.

  • Appen.com

Apply here: https://www.appen.com/company/opportunities/

  • Clickworker

Apply here: https://www.clickworker.com/become-a-clickworker/

  • Lion bridge

Apply here: https://www.lionbridge.com/careers/

  1.  Freelance Blogger

If moms want to start and work in their own business can work as a Freelance blogger. That is best for them. As a Freelance blogger, you are simply writing blog posts for other blogs and businesses. The pay usually ranges anywhere from $20 to $300 per blog post depending on who you’re writing for and how long/detailed the post is.

Here is included some great place where you can find and apply to be a freelance blogger.

  • Problogger

Apply here: https://problogger.com/jobs/

  • Guru.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • UpWork
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