Accolade Support Review: Call Center Work from Home

Accolade Support Review:

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Do you love virtual call center jobs and do you want to work call center jobs and earn extra money? If your answer is: Yes, this job perfect for you. As working for Accolade Support, you can do all the things at any call center: take customer complaints, give tech support, try to sell things to inbound callers at your home office.

If you have some experience in customer service and can provide a quiet background, t his may be the job for you.

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What Is Accolade Support?

Accolade Support is a call center service platform hires Independent Contractor Agents to work from your home office opportunity with your flexible schedule. They have taken customer service, sales and technical support for numerous other companies and organizations of the biggest brands in the world.

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What Are The Home office requirements Must Be Needed?

  • Must have US Citizen
  • Must have minimum 18 years or up
  • Must have a windows pc with the latest update
  • Have a landline
  • Must have a high-quality headset
  • Have a quiet working background
  • Must have high-speed DSL, broadband or cable modem connection (no wireless connections)
  • Have good customer service skills

What Are The Qualifications Must be needed for Working Accolade Support?

To be a successful Accolade support agent, you will need to have some significant qualities and skills:

  • Customer Service Skills –You must have strong computer and customer service skills.
  • Technical Support Skills – You should enjoy working with people to communicate over the phone and must have outstanding IT and technical support skills.
  • Sales skills – You must have the ability to sell various products and services to a variety of clients and inbound callers.
  • Attention to detail –Must have needed accuracy in relating information to clients including phone numbers, product numbers, and other details about the call.

How Much You Can Make?

As a beginner with Accolade support Agent, you can make between $7.25 to $9.00 per hour depending on your skills and clients. They pay you weekly through direct deposit.

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What Is The Accolade Support Agents Working Schedule?

It’s a great news for you, Accolade Support allows you to be flexible schedule. But keep in mind, when you will commit to the desired schedule for that week, you must be in place to take calls. If you want to change those schedule, yes, you can change. Then you must nock their Accolade support manager.

What Is The Application Process?

Accolade Support accepts applications from US residents only and must minimum 18 years old. If you’ll also have to pass a criminal background check, they will be considered. Please note that, as an Accolade Support agent, you may need to provide accurate personal information, so the company can know who they can trust you.

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How to Apply At Accolade Support?

If you meet their all requirements and want to apply at Accolade Support, go here to fill out their online application.

Ready to Apply! Start Here given the URL link: https://www.accoladesupport.com/openings.html

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