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Today’s post, I decided to share how to become a tutor with Chegg.com and how can you make $20 per hour. Chegg.com is the most popular tutor website where hires a tutor with their flexible schedule at home to connects students who need help their academic various subjects. If you search tutor jobs online, I suggest you Chegg.com is the best for you. This content is about Chegg Review

In this post-Chegg.com Review I’ll cover the requirements, application process, how much you get paid, how can you apply and more.

What is Chegg.com?

Chegg.com is basically an online tutor platform where students connect to the tutors through their websites, mobile features, applications and any other interactive features or services. They get you tutoring opportunities and connects students who need help in those subjects. Tutor’s are paid weekly for tutoring.

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What subjects does Chegg.com offer?

Chegg.com offers tutor most top-level subjects right now are:

Computer Science,


Electrical Engineering,



Linear Algebra and

Mechanical Engineering.

If you are interested to become a tutor a different subject, don’t worry- they offer thousands of tutor subject and there are still plenty of students who need help in other areas! Click Here.. to become a chegg.com tutor…

How Can You Know That You Are Qualified To Become A Tutor For Chegg.com?

As become an online tutor with Chegg.com, they ask  you some requirement as like as:

  • Provide them with two forms of school verification such as a photo of your diploma, student identification card, scanned copies.
  • Make to confirm that you are currently or have once been enrolled in a 4-year university.
  • To provide your government issued ID, such as a Passport or a Driver’s License.

What Is The Equipment/Computer Chegg.com Requirements?

  1. Have a windows Computer with the latest updates
  2. Must have a better webcam.
  3. Must have High-Speed Internet
  4. Have 4.0 GB of RAM  or greater.
  5. Have a High-quality microphone

How Much Does Chegg.com Pay?

Chegg.com is paid all tutors hourly $20 for tutoring. This hourly rate is applied to the exact number of minutes accumulated during a given week. Their lesson duration requires a minimum length of 5 minutes. Suppose, you will connect with a student and assist them in 2 minutes, you’ll still be paid for 5 minutes.

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What Is Payment Method?

Chegg.com pay you weekly basis via PayPal account. PayPal payments are automatically processed every Thursday morning.

What Is The Sign-Up Process Step By Step?

To become an online virtual Chegg.com tutor, you can start the application here: https://www.chegg.com/tutors/become-a-tutor/.

As become a tutor with Chegg.com, submit your application, you can sign up through Facebook or with your email address.

After that, you will need to give some requirements such as they may ask you to provide two forms of school verification. And you make sure that you are currently or have once been enrolled in a university.

They are also be asked you to select your subject that you want to tutor and give some subject test.

If you would complete those requirements, you have submitted your application. You can expect a decision within 7 business days.

How Can You Apply?

If you are interested to become an online virtual tutor with Chegg.com, visit their website and get apply now!

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