Convert Website to Android Application

Convert Website to Android Application:

This article, I will share with you how to convert a website to the android application using the android studio. Nowadays most of the peoples have android Mobile Phones and they like to prefer the application rather than desktop. So I have Published this article make simple ways to access your website throw android application.

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Convert website to android application

Okay fine, Now we have start the work to make an android application.

Follow the procedure

1. First you have open Android Studio, suppose if you not have android studio just install now from android official site Android Studio.

2. Then create new project in android studio & click Next (like below image)

3. Then click Next no changes (like below image)

4. Hereafter, choose the Empty Activity, the click Next (like below image)

5. Then click Finish, no changes (like below image)

Now the project is successfully created. After creating project you will get this page (like below image)

Code Development

Now we are move on developing the simple code and get the android application. So just follow my steps to make an android application.

Open res->layout->activity_main.xml. now the activity_main.xml file will be opened (like below image)

Then you remove the TextView tag and replace the below code

Finally the activity_main.xml file look (like below image)

Then move on MainActivity.java file

Just remove all content from MainActivity.java file and replace the below code. Remove the https://www.vetbossel.in website and replace your website name in that place.

Add Internet Permission

Then go on manifest->AndroidManifest.xml.

Include the below code in AndroidManifest.xml


Finally, the full code of AndroidManifest.xml

The codes looks (like below image)

Now, we have added the internet connection code in AndroidManifest.xml. So we are full permit to access the internet connection.

Execute the Application

Now you have to run your application in android emulator. The exact output looks (like below image)

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