5 Creative Ways to Make Cash at Home and Avoid Scams


Creative Ways to Make Cash at Home:

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In some ways, trying to make money online is just as hard as trying to make money off the Internet. One of the similarities between the two is the possibility of getting scammed. Online scammers prey on people like us who are looking for opportunities to earn money through the Internet. Some of them have devised highly sophisticated ways of tricking hapless job-seekers and online merchants. To avoid these traps, you have to educate yourself on their methods. If you want to know how to make easy cash online while protecting yourself from swindlers, keep the following tips in mind.

Always check profiles and feedbacks.

Whether you’re selling or buying stuff online, you have to be vigilant about transactions. Check the profiles of buyers and sellers before doing business with them. Make sure they’re not misrepresenting themselves. Don’t deal with anyone who is unwilling to provide his real name, address, and contact details. Take a peek at the feedback profiles of both buyers and sellers to determine their trustworthiness. Similarly, online freelancers should check the profiles and feedbacks of potential clients and contractors. Work only with those whose identity can be verified.

Creative Ways to Make Cash at Home

Learn to spot obvious scams.

As more and more ways to make cash from home are becoming available online, the number of scams and misleading claims are also proliferating. Be wary of outrageous offers and ads that boast about how much money you can make. If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. “Get rich quick” and multilevel marketing schemes are two of the most common scams on the Internet today.

Always read the fine print. This is often overlooked, and also where scammers hide the truth about the offers they make. If you’re buying, selling, hiring, or taking on projects online, always read the user/buyer agreements or contracts thoroughly. Be on the lookout for any discrepancies between what was offered to you and what is indicated in the fine print.

Follow website policies.

With so many crooks on the Internet, the question of how to make cash today without getting scammed is foremost on the mind of anyone trying to get work online. One of the simplest and most effective ways of avoiding scams is by following the rules. If you’re working as a freelancer through an online workplace such as oDesk or Elance, it is important that you follow their policies on dealing with clients. These are designed to give you some level of protection against dishonest clients and to guarantee that you will receive payments for your work. Similarly, if you’re selling products through an online marketplace, there are policies in place to protect you from fraudulent transactions.

Perform background checks.

Before agreeing to work with any company or client, find out if the company is legitimate and if the client is a real person. Enter your client’s and/or the company’s name into a search engine and see what comes up. You can also try typing “company or client name” + “scam” into Google Search to see if anyone has written about a bad experience with the company/client. Go to the Better Business Bureau website or the National Consumers League website and check for any complaints against the company. Do some research on the company’s customer base and check the quality of their service.

No upfront fees.

If they ask you for money before you even start working, it’s probably a scam. Remember: you don’t have to spend money to make money. Companies that ask you to pay for a “registration fee” are likely just after your cash. Once you send them the money, you will never hear from them again. More importantly: if these people or “clients” send you an e-mail with a link to your bank so you can send them your payment, do NOT click on the link! These scammers could be trying to obtain your bank account information so they can steal from you. If you have to do an online transaction with your bank or financial institution, manually type the bank name into the address bar or bookmark the website.

Creative Ways to Make Cash at Home

It’s not enough that you know how to make easy cash from home through the Internet. Because you are not dealing with clients, contractors, buyers, and sellers face-to-face, you also have to develop a good gauge of authenticity and dependability. It pays to be sceptical and to approach each money-making opportunity with a closed wallet. The Internet can be a great place to make some extra cash, but not everyone you encounter here has good intentions. When in doubt, go with your gut and play it safe. If you have a bad feeling about a job or product listing or a client’s claims, ask lots of questions until your fears are dispelled or simply decline the offer. Good luck!

Creative Ways to Make Cash at Home

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