Proven Ways to Earn Money Writing Sponsored Reviews

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Earn Money Writing Sponsored Reviews:

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The dream of financial freedom doesn’t have to remain merely a dream. If you would learn how to earn money using the Internet, a plethora of money-making opportunities will become available to you. In this article, we will discuss one of the most common ways to earn online: sponsored reviews.

Writing sponsored reviews is one of the fastest and most rewarding ways of earning serious cash from a blog. If you are a blogger, don’t miss out on this monetization technique. Sponsored reviews are great because they benefit both you and your client (the advertiser). Aside from the strong advertising from your sponsored post, the company also benefits from the permanent backlink from your blog or website. Meanwhile, you earn money from relatively simple work that you can do in a relatively short time.

Earn Money Writing Sponsored Reviews

What have sponsored reviews?

When someone has a product or a service to sell, he will want to advertise it on the Internet. One of the most effective ways of advertising online is by creating blog hype. Reviews posted on blogs are significantly more compelling than mere ads. Unlike an ad, a review provides an in-depth look into a product or a service. Reviews have more pull than an ad because the writer lends his or her own credibility to the product. If someone you trust says a product is good, then you know it’s good. This is a valuable advertising tool and, consequently, a major income source for many bloggers.

If your blog is extremely popular, there are advertisers who will contact you directly and offer compensation for a review of their product or service. There are also websites where you can sign up and browse through sponsored review offers from various companies. One of these websites, Social Spark, has established and high-quality advertisers like Disney, Hershey, LG, and British Airways. Most of the time, the advertiser will give you the anchor text and a link to the product on Amazon or the company website or online store. You have to embed this link in your review. The advertiser will also provide other details such as the length of the article and whether or not you should mention that you are being paid to write the review. The more popular your blog, the higher the pay and the more frequently you will be offered sponsored gigs.

Tips on writing paid reviews:

  • Find out as much as you can about the advertiser. Check out the company’s blog or website and try to gauge if the business is legitimate.
  • As much as possible, try the product or service before you write the review. If you’re a well-established blogger, some companies may actually send you their products to try out. This ensures that you really have something to say about the product or service based on personal experience.
  • The article must sound as natural and as close to your usual tone as possible. The last thing you want to do is produce a review that reads like an ad.
  • Take pictures or a video to add more substance to your review.
  • Follow the advertiser’s instructions or you might not get paid. Review the post before you publish it.
  • The number of paid reviews on your blog must not exceed the number of regular articles/content. Be picky about doing sponsored reviews, and do it in moderation.
  • Write reviews that are relevant to your niche and will be helpful to your readers. If your blog or website is about herb gardening, a review of an e-book on “how to make money online now” probably won’t be of much use to your audience.
  • You are writing a review, not an ad. Talk about your experience with the product instead of focusing solely on its merits. Make it personal.
  • Engage your readers. End the review by asking them about their own experiences with the product. Rate the product and ask your readers to rate it as well.

Sponsored reviews and ethics

If the advertiser wants an entirely positive review and you feel that the product deserves it, go ahead and write a 100% positive review. But if you feel that the product could use a little improvement, then you will have to grapple with your own sense of ethics and either refuse the offer or – well – lie.

Sponsored reviews provide a solution to the dilemma of how to make money online now from home, but making money shouldn’t be at the expense of your credibility. Write a glowing review of a shoddy product and you compromise the believability of the rest of your articles. If you compromise your integrity, you comprise your readership – and this is far worse than turning down a paid review or two.

  1. If you write paid reviews, disclose it. Inform your audience that your reviews are not entirely unbiased.
  2. If the advertiser permits it, provide constructive criticism instead of giving a bad review.
  3. Be a professional. Because you are being paid for the review, you are essentially working for the advertiser for the time it takes you to write the piece.

How to make money online now at home? Start a blog. It’s so easy and if you do it regularly, you can soon start earning from it. Some bloggers may be wary of taking on paid reviews, fearing that their readers will not like it. However, not taking on paid reviews actually costs them more, in that they are letting a very lucrative blog-monetizing opportunity pass. As long as you carefully choose which products to review and provide full disclosure on which articles are sponsored and which are not, there’s no need to fear that you will incur the ire of your loyal visitors. Just be cautious and be honest and you’ve got nothing to lose!

Earn Money Writing Sponsored Reviews

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