11 Creative Ways You Can Earn Online Without Investment


Earn Online Without Investment

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Have you ever wondered how people earn money online without investment at home? Do you feel envious as you see your friend earning without leaving his or her home? Worry no more as I will teach you how to earn a living online with just your time and effort as your capital. You do not need hundreds of dollars just to start earning online through the World Wide Web. Here’s how!

1. Writing content articles

This works well if you have writing skills and the right creativity. I know of many writers who earn a decent amount of money per month. They even come to the point that they quit their day job and turn into a full-time writer! All these started without making a monetary investment.

So how can you begin your writing career? Start your own blog site. Since we are talking about not spending money, you can opt with free hosting services on the Internet. Some good examples of these are WordPress, Hubpages, Bloggers, and many others. These websites will not ask even a single dime from you. Setting up an account is fast and easy as well.

2. Freelance Working

Learn how to earn money without investment by working as a freelance professional. There are many websites out there that can provide you with online jobs. Websites such as oDesk, Elance, Freelancer.com, and 99designs can help you find jobs that will suit your skills and speciality. For example, you can go to oDesk and explore thousands of jobs available there that range from web design to administrative support.

 3. Publishing photos

If you are a photographer or you simply like taking pictures, you can earn from your hobby. One good site that comes to mind is Flickr and iStockPhotos. These websites will pay you a certain commission when your photo is viewed many times. In addition to this, some people will pay you to purchase the rights to your photos.

5. Sell Something Online

Again, we are talking about how to earn online from home without investments. You might think that selling something online requires you to shell out a considerable amount of money, but the truth is you can sell something without spending. The first method is to sell what you do not need anymore. This can be a mobile phone, electronic gadget, clothing, furniture, appliances, or anything that you can think of. Another method is to ask friends you know if they have something they do not need anymore and wished to sell. You can tell them that you will sell them on their behalf and hold back a certain percentage of the sale as your commission.

Earn Online Without Investment

6. Write for Websites

If you already have a blog site, some people will eventually notice your writing skills and ask you to write for them. You can also actively look for websites that might be looking for writers. For example, About.com, ehow.com, and wikihow.com constantly look for writers to add contents for their website. In addition to this, you can search the Internet and find websites which specialize in helping employers and contractors alike to find each other.

7. Product Reviews

Most consumers nowadays look for product review before they actually buy a product. Most companies and business owners recognize this. For this reason, they need someone like you to review their products. If your review is approved, you will get paid.

8. Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a website – which can basically be set up without paying a thing – you can use affiliate marketing. This is done by promoting a product or service on your website. If that product or service is obtained through your website, you can get a commission for that. eBay, Amazon.com, and clickbank.com are good choices for affiliate marketing.

8. Download and upload files

Though the pay for this method is not that high, this can be a good starter. Some websites will pay you as you upload content on their website. Rarely, they will also pay you when you download files.

9. Uploading Videos

No doubt, the most popular video-sharing website today is YouTube. Earn cash today from home without investment through uploading videos. You might have found an advertisement on your favourite YouTube videos as annoying and yet this is one of the best ways you can earn money online. Since you do not have to spend a lot of money and uploading a video is free, Google will pay you when you allow them to place ads on your videos.

10. Paid Advertisement

After establishing your website, you can add relevant and helpful contents. Eventually, you can enrol your website to affiliate programs. One good example of this is the Google AdSense. Google will place ads on your website. If anyone will click the ads on your site, Google will then pay you the equivalent cost of that click.

Earn Online Without Investment

11. Answer Surveys

It may sound crazy, but there are companies that are willing to pay you just to answer their survey. Since they need to know how their products are doing and want to evaluate the effectiveness of their products, it is no wonder they want your valuable feedback. Of course, it will be difficult to go to each company and ask if they have surveys they want you to answer. To eliminate the difficulty of this search, you can look at online paid survey sites such as surveysavvy.com.

These are just some of the best ways to earn money online. Just remember to set your goals realistic. In the first place, you did not invest anything to earn anything; thus, it will be wise to expect earnings to start in humble beginnings. Success in online jobs does not come overnight. It needs time and effort. Nevertheless, earning online can be very rewarding both personally and monetarily.

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