How to Get Paid to Write Articles Online

Get Paid to Write Articles Online

I wrote this content about how to get Paid to Write Articles Online. Read A to Z about Get Paid to Write Articles Online.

There are a lot of ways to get paid online, but in my opinion, one of the best and surest way to make a living through the Internet is to get paid to write articles. If you are a passionate and skilled writer, then you have a bright future when it comes to using the World Wide Web as a means of earning. As of now, you might have heard of many people who get paid to write articles online. I am sure that you are interested in how they do it. After all, you are here to know how to earn through writing articles, right? This content is about Get Paid to Write Articles Online.

Getting Paid through Swatcash Writing Articles Online 
In this post, let us go through some of the best sites that you can work and get paid to write articles. The best thing about our list is that you do not have to wholly manage a website since this has already been taken care of. Take a look at our list and you will be pleasantly surprised to know these websites.

Another website you can get paid to write articles online is swatch. While this site is really not about writing, it is still technically related to it. Swatcash has a very unique way to allow you to get paid to take online surveys. You have to compete with other members to earn. There are two ways that you will be paid, either with gifts or cash.

Do you want to get paid to write articles on HubPages?

This is a personal favourite website. For one, it is very easy to use and it has a high page rank. Because HubPages is strict with the quality of “hubs” or pages published to the website, it is well respected by search engines. You need to meet the standards of HubPages so that you will be able to start earning through your hubs.

How to get paid to write articles On Squidoo

Squidoo is one of the best websites where you can monetize your blogs and get paid to write articles online. All you have to do is to join the community, submit your “lenses” or blogs, increase your traffic, and earn through ads placed on your pages. If you don’t like to get paid to take online surveys, you can opt to write articles online. The best thing about this is that you do not have to sign up for Google AdSense, which is really difficult for start-up bloggers. Instead, Squidoo will take care of that and as long as your lenses are of good quality, you will get a portion of the revenue made by Squidoo through your lenses.

Yahoo Associated Content –  Get paid to write articles online

Before Google made it big, we all knew Yahoo first. It is great to note that Yahoo has its own blogging platform that you can use to earn a living. You can basically write almost anything under the sun as long as it does not conflict with Yahoo’s terms of service. There are two basic ways that you can get paid online through this website. First is through advertising affiliates and second will be accepting tasks from Yahoo itself. If you are good enough, your write-ups will be featured in Yahoo’s most prestigious pages such as Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Finances, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo News.

Use About.com to Get Paid For Writing Articles Online

About.com has a magnificent online presence. It is as popular as Wikipedia or eHow. Aside from the method to get paid to write reviewsyou can simply get paid to write articles for this website. About.com is popular because of the many topics it covers. The website has a high payment percentage and you can easily turn this as a full-time job depending upon your expertise. The problem with this website is that you need to apply and get accepted before you can start submitting articles. However, once you are hired, you will surely start making good money online this website.

The Writers Domain –  oDesk

Another way to earn, which I believe is the best way to get paid through your writing skills is to be a freelance writer in Upwork. This is the main writer domain where they get paid to write articles online. If you are a passionate writer, you might have already heard of this platform. Upwork works by connecting contractors and employers. It serves as a mediator between two parties to ensure payment and quality work. Of course, there are other jobs that you can find from oDesk, but I can say that they have more writing jobs compared to other freelance jobs combined. So you will surely find a writing job that will fit your preference and need. You can take surveys and get paid then work on oDesk at the same time.

How You Get Paid For Your Articles with Fiverr

Fiverr is where you can provide your services to other people with only $5 (with $1 for Fiverr). Basically, you need to create a profile in Fiverr and then showcase your writing skills. If someone comes across your profile and they need the writing services you offer, bingo, you now have your employer.

Write Online Get Paid – Elance, a freelancing website

These days, most people get paid to write articles through Elance as well. It is similar to oDesk. However, you need to pay for premium services offered by Elance which is not required on oDesk. The great thing about Elance is that it has a huge number of writing job posts. As a matter of fact, for the past years, oDesk and Elance are big rivals, along with other freelancing platforms. At the time of this writing, oDesk and Elance are in the process of combining the two platforms.

Ever Heard of Inbox Dollars to get paid writing Articles?

By filling survey questions, you will get paid online and make a living. One big disadvantage with InboxDollars is that it pays you through checks and they will charge you a processing fee of $3 before you can get your money. However,  the website will enable you to take surveys and get paid for the work you do.

How to Get Paid Online  Using Epinions

Do you have something to say about a particular product and get paid for it? Then Epinions is the right website for you. You will not be forced to write negative or positive reviews, just honest ones; so you can best tell the side of your story without any pretence when it comes to reviewing a product.

 Sponsored-reviews – How You Get Paid For Writing Articles

This website is where advertisers go when they need a blogger to review their products. It almost works like when you take surveys and get paid. Another way SponsoredReviews works is that advertisers will actively browse the website and look for bloggers. They will check the profile of that blogger and see whether they can use the web page to promote their products.

Conclusion – Get Paid to Write Articles

These are some of the websites that you can go to if you want to get paid to write articles online. All of these websites are legitimate so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid. Take some time to explore each of these suggested websites and see how you can start earning online!

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