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If you are looking to escape the grind of waking up, heading out to the office and being forced to perform tasks and work that you just despise, well you are not alone, and GoFreelance is here to help. With this service, you are exposed to thousands of different freelance needs and services. This way, as long as you have some for of skill (you do) it is possible to work from home.

The kinds of freelance jobs available do vary, depending on what you are looking at doing, but with the help of GoFreelance, you are sure to find the perfect job for you. Of course, before you shell out the money for the service, you need to make sure it is the right fit for you. This requires you to read over all the provided information on the service, and go through the different pros and cons in order to weight out if this is the best service for you and your time. If it is, then you are free to begin downloading the information and sign up for the service as soon as you desire.


When you sign for the GoFreelance service, you are given many different products and information. To start, you are shown that you are able to write articles, blog posts, newsletters and even stories for clients that need the information. It directs you towards how to enter data in spreadsheets and how to complete opinion surveys online for additional income. Some of the services allow you to answer and respond to email messages, program applications and design Web sites. There are also a few different video editing positions. Granted, the jobs that require more skill than others do generally pay more, as the video editing and Web design jobs do actually require some experience. Outside of this, it is possible to start most of these jobs from home, without any startup material.

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GoFreelance Pros

With the GoFreelance service, you receive essentially all the information you’ll ever need in order to start as a freelance individual at home. This is going to allow you to set your own schedule, perform your own job tasks and make your own money. with all the different jobs available to you, you shouldn’t have an issue obtaining the information and locating the best jobs that you want to perform. On top of all of this, you don’t really need any additional software.

Outside of possibly a word processor, you already have everything you need right on your computer, with an Internet connection and email account. The service costs a total of $77 in order for you to sign up, but if you are able to make more money at home, by saving on driving to work or other facility, it is going to be well worth the additional amount of money you pay.


The biggest issue with GoFreelance is the fact that all the data it is proving you is actually already available online, for free. The different freelance services, video editing projects and Web design requirements are all online, without charging you a cent. There are different websites that provide this information to you, for free, you just need to know where to look and perform a few Internet searches. Paying $77 for a comprehensive list is rather steep, as everything you already need is a few keystrokes away.

Plus, the site doesn’t actually tell you what you are getting yourself into or who some of these companies are that are looking for freelance work. You don’t want to sign up for a service and find out that it barely pays you nothing. On top of this, there is no money back guarantee, so once you transfer and pay the money to GoFreelance, you are not able to earn the money back, should you discover the service is sub par. Because of this, you need to seriously consider if the service is best for you or not.

Positive Reviews

There are a few different review available on the GoFreelance website that show how the system has helped other individuals locate work from home and help them become their own boss. Linda Walters out of Nashville said

“I love it! I can work when I want, and wherever I want. I choose the work I want to do, and get well paid for it, too. I didn’t think you could really make this much money from home…but you can!”

Additional Reviews

There are a few other reviews on the GoFreelance website that is able to help you understand how the service has helped out people in their search for working online and obtaining all the necessary information for work.

Alison Mellington out of Seattle had this to say about the system : “I love working this way. I have access to all the work I need, but I have all the benefits of working from home. For me, it’s the perfect combination. And the money is great, too…”

If you are looking to work at home, but don’t know where to start GoFreelance might be the perfect system for you. With the provided database, you receive all the necessary information in over to locate the perfect freelance job for you.

From writing blogs to editing videos and creating websites, there is always something available for any individual, regardless of the professional training. Positions that require previous experience do pay more, but outside of this, most of the jobs are all going to pay rather well.

If you have tried searching on the Internet and have been unable to locate freelance jobs, as you don’t know where to look, then the service is for you, as the provided content is available online, should you know where the sites are. Due to this, if you just want a comprehensive list of different freelance jobs located all over the Internet, with positions across the glove, you are in luck as the GoFreelance service is there to help you out.

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