Gogo Kid Review– Earn $14 to $25 Hourly Teaching English Online

Gogo Kid Review– Earn $14 to $25 Hourly Teaching English Online

Do you love tutor jobs and speak English fluently? Do you want freedom the flexibility to set up your own teaching schedule?  Do you search ESL teaching kids a one-on-one basis in a virtual classroom? If your answer is ‘Yes’ that jobs for you. So, keep reading about to be introduced how to earn money as a tutor with  Gogo Kid that makes all this possible. This content is about Gogo Kid Review.

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What Is Exactly is Gogo Kid?

GoGo Kid is an online ESL (English as a Second Language) school for children in China. They offer tutor job opportunity only for the United States or Canada residency and teach English as a second language for China students through their virtual classroom for solving their academic problem. Actually, they pay between $14 to $25 per hour depending on their skills and credit score with a $300 bonus. Gogo Kid Review 

What Are the Gogo Kid qualifications and skills required?

Here are the qualifications and skills required to teach ESL for Gogo Kid:

    • Must have native English speaker
    • Have a Bachelor’s Degree or above
    • Must have eligibility to legally work in the United States or Canada
    • Have at least one year of teaching experience
    • Must be punctual
    • Must ability to follow the agreed-upon lesson schedule
    • Experience with utilizing the online teaching platform or tools

What Are The device Requirements Needed?

Here are the device requirements of Gogo Kid:

    • Must have needed a Windows PC with the latest update or, MAC or, a Surface computer
    • Must have a high-quality headset with a microphone and stable output and input
    • HD web External camera or HD integrated camera
    • Have High-speed internet

What are the subject items Gogo Kid offered?

    • ESL Teacher training certifications: TESOL/TESL/TEFL
    • Strong communication skills interacting with ESL/EFL students

How Much You Can Make At Gogo Kid?

As an Independent Conductor, basically, your payment includes class payment and participation incentive basis that Gogo kid measured on based your credit score basis. According to Gogo Kid website, you can make $14 to $25 per hour that depends on your skills and credit score with a $300 bonus. Here the table for Gogo Kid’s Independent Conductors payment system.

Payment Table

Class Payment Per Class Remarks
Base Pay USD 7-10 based on your credentials and interview performance.
Credit Score over 110 USD (7-10)*110% based on your credit score
Credit Score at 120 USD (7-10)*125% based on your credit score
Total per one hour USD 14-25

What Is The Working Schedule That Gogo Kid Offered?

Basically, the classes start to the Beijing Time schedule or GMT +8. Their every class is 30 minute long and classes are usually available 48 hours ahead of time. There is no limit to the amount of each class that depends on the teacher who may accept. They offer to work with your flexible schedule opportunity. So, you can give freedom to set their own schedule at GoGo Kid.It is about Gogo Kid Review.

What Is The GoGo Kid Application Process Step By Step?

If you face all their requirements and want to apply to visit Go here and sign up! For signing up to start with your email and create a password. After your sign up completed, they send you an email that you need to open and activate. Mind it, the link they send you will expire in 48 hours, so do it within time!

So, you will need to fill out your information as like: your legal name, Phone number, Your highest educational level, Why do you want to teach online, How did you hear about GoGo Kid etc simple question.

When you completed those short easy questions, submit your application. After that, they will send you a message stating that you have applied and that the next step is scheduling an interview.

For the interview, they will send you details about the interview by email within 48 hours. During the interview, they may be asked to teach a demo lesson through their virtual classroom with the  GoGo Kid platform and teaching materials.

Finally, After the interview, it appears you will have an orientation and paperwork, followed by signing a contract. It is Gogo Kid Review.

How Can You Apply?

If you are interested to apply, visit their website and click on the sign-up button at the bottom of the page.

Good luck to all who apply!

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