Proven Ways to Make Instant Cash Online through Google AdSense

Make Instant Cash Online through Google AdSense

For many Internet users, the answer to the question of how to make cash fast at home is none other than Google AdSense. According to Google, more than two million publishers have made money from AdSense over the last 10 years. It is one of the most popular, reliable, and lucrative online money-making gigs, with some AdSense users earning hundreds or thousands of dollars every month from the program alone. So what is AdSense?

AdSense is a program that allows you to earn money from your website, mobile site, site search results or online video production through relevant and user-friendly ads chosen by Google. We all know that Google earns from and has millions of advertisers, and we are lucky enough that they are willing to share their ad revenue with us. If you have a website, you can apply for an AdSense account. Google will then analyze your content to determine which ads are suited to your reader’s interest. You earn money every time a reader clicks on an ad or every time an ad loads. In this sense, AdSense will be supporting your website as you create more content that benefits your readers and adds value to the Internet.

Make Instant Cash Online through Google Adsense

You can earn cash today at home by getting a Google AdSense account and following these tips:

Tips for Google AdSense Success:

  • Choosing the right niche is vital. Remember that not all niches are created equal; some are better-paying than others. Niches such as weight loss will be more in demand than, say, carpet cleaning and woodworking. Therefore, advertisers will compete with each other (and pay more) to advertise on these “hot” websites. If you’re building a website with the intent of earning from Google AdSense, choose a high-paying niche and find out which keywords are the most valuable for that niche.
  • Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Market Samurai to find the most relevant keywords for your niche.
  • Observe how successful bloggers or website owners in your niche are monetizing their blogs/websites. Follow their lead.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Online or offline, having more than one income source is the best practice. We all know how tenuous Internet life is. Who knows if your readers will still be there tomorrow, or whether or not Google will? Don’t rely solely on AdSense to make a living. Find other ways to make money from the Internet.
  • AdSense is not a “get rich quick” thing, especially if you’re starting from scratch. To be able to join the program, you have to build traffic to your website and be able to sustain this traffic. Attracting visitors to your website and keeping them coming back means regularly updating your site with fresh, high-quality content. Even if you only post something new twice a week, coming up with articles/videos/podcasts/images will take a lot of work.
  • Only 1-2% of site visitors will click on an ad, so if you only have 100 visitors to your website, then you only get 1 click. Because most clicks will generate less than $1, that means you’ve basically earned nothing. You have to build enough traffic for AdSense to work for you.
  • People will not click on an ad that looks too much like an ad. Experiment with ad sizes and colours to find what attracts clicks best. Try to make the ads blend in with the rest of your website without trying to make them look like content. This is cheating, and Google will disable your account if you do it.
  • Make sure that your content is as focused as can be. If you talk about too many different topics, it will be harder for Google to choose which ads are relevant to your site.
  • Write longer articles and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Google judges your website by the quality of its content, and they don’t like websites that don’t add value to one’s Internet experience. Make your website as informative, engaging, and helpful as possible.
  • Own your website. Sure, you can monetize your blog/website even if you’re using a free host, and AdSense works well with them. But if you don’t buy your own domain and pay for web hosting, you just might wake up one day to find your website gone. Yes, this can happen. Free hosts can remove your site without warning and you will lose all the time, effort, and money spent on the content that was already there and the readership that you had built up. There simply are no guarantees with free hosting.
  • Don’t try to trick the system. Google makes a significant portion of its profits from AdSense; they take this program SERIOUSLY. Remember that every time someone clicks on an ad, it costs the advertiser money. And Google takes every conceivable measure to protect its advertisers. If they so much as detect POTENTIAL fraudulent activity from your account, they WILL disable it.

Follow the tips above on how to make money from the Internet through AdSense and start optimizing revenue from your website content. Keep at it and you might one day become one of the lucky publishers who earn four or five figures every month from AdSense alone!

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