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Beginner Guide to Make Money Online:

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You can make cash today online. Yes, you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like, what colour your skin is, or where you live. Whether or not you have money doesn’t really matter either. The great thing about trying to make money on the Internet is that as long as you’re driven and willing to work hard, opportunities will open left and right. However, as a beginner, you also need to learn a few basic skills to navigate the world of the Internet.

1. Recognize a scam when you see one.

Although it is possible to make a quick buck off the Internet (through micro tasks and passive income generators), in general, if you want to make serious cash (offline or online), you have to put in the necessary work. Just like in your regular job, on the Internet, you get compensated for your time and effort. Passive income generators will give you a steady income stream even if you don’t get out of bed some days, but you still have to work at setting up the system and producing content. Be wary of “get rich quick” schemes that advertise a big pay-off for not much effort. If you’re a freelancer, be aware of the average rates paid for your kind of work and steer clear of job listings that promise unusually high wages. Scrutinize these listings and run a Google search on the client or company before contacting them.

Becoming adept at spotting an Internet scam depends on being familiar with the ins and outs of the Internet, which brings us to the next tip.

Beginner Guide to Make Money Online

2. Become Internet-savvy.

In your regular (office) job, you are knowledgeable about the organizational structure, the various business processes, the departments and the responsibilities of each, your coworkers, your bosses, your office’s layout, your building, and how to get there from any point in your community.

The same should go when you are working online. If you want to learn how to make money online fast at home, you have to know how the Internet works, how search engines work, how social media works, what social media marketing is, what search engine optimization is, how websites make money, and other fundamental Internet know-how. You don’t have to study search algorithms or anything too technical or complicated, but getting the lay of the land is pretty important if you want to succeed.

One of the most important – if not the most important – skill you need to have in this Internet-driven world is knowing where and how to find what you need. The ability to do proper research, to recognize authoritative sources, and to weed out the spammy from the factual is vital to your online success.

3. Capitalize on your skills.

Whatever it is that you’re good at or know a lot about, there is probably a way to convert it into an online income source. If you’re an accountant with a penchant for writing, start a blog in your spare time and you can eventually earn through ad revenues and affiliate marketing. If you’re a stay-at-home mom with time on your hands and good organizational skills, you can work as a virtual assistant. If you’re into knitting, sell your creations on Etsy. If you’re a green smoothie aficionado, write a smoothie recipe e-book and sell it on Amazon.

4. Learn from the veterans.

The easiest, fastest, and most effective tip on how 2 make money online fast is to look for people who’ve succeeded doing the same thing you’re doing (or thinking of doing) and learning from them. Many successful online entrepreneurs, such as Brian Clark of Copyblogger, regularly talk about their journey in the online workplace. Read their articles and, if possible, interview them. Ask about their hits and misses, what worked and what didn’t. If you’re a freelancer on a site such as oDesk, learn by observing. There’s much to discover from going through the profiles and feedbacks of veteran freelancers and from reading their forum posts.

Beginner Guide to Make Money Online

5. Be sociable.

The Internet is all about connections. If you have a website and you’re trying to make it rank higher, inbound links are very important. Nowadays, search engine algorithms depend not just on compelling optimized content but on natural incoming links to rank a website. This is why website owners and SEO consultants are starting to rely more and more on social media sharing to promote websites and to hopefully get people to link to these websites. If you want to succeed as an online entrepreneur, you have to recognize the power of social media and try to utilize it to your advantage. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest, and interact with potential customers and clients there.

Apart from the basic skills mentioned above, so much of making money online at home also relies on work ethic and time management. Try to work on these skills as early as possible, while also remembering to have fun as you explore the world of online money-making.

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