Ibotta Review:How I Earned $80,000 from Ibotta ( With Proof )

Ibotta Review

You might know, we’re always looking for legitimate and easy ways to earn extra money from our house. Today’s ‘Ibotta review’ post, I have preferred a better way to make money with your saving a lot of time and energy. You already guess what is the company to give that opportunity. Yes, you are right, I tell about Ibotta app. It’s the most popular and vast people earn real money just for doing their usual grocery shopping! Enter: Ibotta.this content is about Ibotta Review

What Is Ibotta?

Simply Ibotta is a really fun, modern and intuitive cash back app that gives you cash back on your groceries, online purchases and more! Ibotta app offers you more than hundreds of different items with a cash back reward from tons of different stores.

The payment system is very simple and you can only purchase the item in-store, scan the barcode and your account will be credited with the number! That’s it.

How Can You Join The Ibotta App?

If you are interested in sign-up Ibotta app, you can follow my instruction Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: You must Download the Ibotta app in your android phone then register a new account. You can do this through your email account or, by connecting your Facebook account.

Ibotta Review

Step 2: By depending on your customize experience, you can select a few of your favourite stores and mobile apps.

Step 3: After selection, create a Featured section house that rebates from all your favourite stores and apps. Then, you can also find featured stores, bonuses and special offer categories.

Step 4: When you have found an offer you want to redeem, you have needed to click the pink plus sign to “Add” the offer to your “My Offers” list.

Step 5: After you have completed the offered activity. You can face watching a video to answering a poll question.

Step 6: When your that activity is completed, you will need to the rebate add to your “My Offers” section and you’re ready to redeem.

Step 7: Now, you will need to Go shopping at the store and be sure to keep your receipt.

Step 8: When you are ready to redeem your offers, you can see the “Redeem” button. You will select the “Redeem” button from the navigation bar.

Step 9: You must be taken a photo of your receipt.

Step 10: You will select the offers then, you want to redeem.

Step 11: When you will select all of your desired offers, you should submit your receipt by selecting the “Collect _ Purchases” button.

Step 12: Finally, you will receive your earnings within 24 hours of submitting your receipt. Now, you can Visit the Account section of the app to view your current balance, available bonuses, teamwork progress and more. That’s it!

Ibotta Review

How Much Money Can You Make with The Ibotta App?

Ibotta app not only do they have each of these amazing stores for you to choose from, but they also give you the opportunity to earn bonus money. Some bonuses they currently have given: redeem any 4 offers within a set time frame and you can earn an extra $2. Or you will spend $40 at Charlotte Russe, Earn $5 back. Those are always changing, but there are always around 25 bonuses to choose from!

One consistent bonus Ibotta app gives the Monthly Levels. For Level 1, you have to Redeem 10 offers that total $10 then you will receive an extra $1.

When you beat Level 1 you will upgrade to the next level where you can earn even more.

How Are You Paid?

You can cash out when your account reaches more than a twenty dollar minimum. Ibotta pays you via gift cards account or Paypal credit account.

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