Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites

Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites

I wrote this content about Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites. Read A to Z about Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites.

Simon is a friend of mine who works as an online writer. At first, he was just writing as a means to kill some time. Later, he found out that he can earn a living from writing online. After a year, he quitted his day job and made online writing as his full-time job. While searching for great websites ideas to make money, he was able to earn a decent amount of money from blogging while doing what loves to do!

Now, I am sure that you are wondering if blogging is the right one for you. You might even ask whether it does really work or not. There is really a no clear-cut answer to this question as the answer is purely case-to-case basis. As this might be the case, there is no denying that blogging can be a great way to earn.

In this article, I am listing some of the great websites that will help you earn from what you do best – blogging. Take a look at our list and see the possibility of earning from this endeavour.

Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites

1. Squidoo

Squidoo is better known as a website where people build backlinks. Nevertheless, you can use Squidoo to earn directly from what you write. This works through affiliate marketing. In Squidoo, your content will be referred to as lenses or pages. Once you enrol your content with their affiliate program, Squidoo will place ads on your page. When the ads on your page are clicked and a customer buys a product through your page, Squidoo will give you 50 per cent of what they earned.

Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites

2. Hubpages

The idea of earning through your blogs is almost the same as Squidoo and Hubpages. Being one of the website ideas to make money, Hubpages offers a platform where you can showcase your skills and at the same time earn from it. In Hubpages, your articles will be referred to as ‘hubs’. I personally use this website because of the big potential of earning big. Of course, it will take time before you can actually earn from your hubs through Hubpages. As for me, it took me almost a year to see progress in my earning. One good thing about Hubpages is its great support to its writers. Hubpages actively and constantly will help you improve your writing skills through their different learning program.

3. ContentBLVD

ContentBLVD is a great website who will pay for your articles. As remarkable as the website might be, not everyone can work for ContentBLVD. Only people who are living in the U.S. can be approved as a writer for their website. ContentBLVD is relatively new and was recently launched. They are still in the process of building the website. So if you are really interested with ContentBLVD, check out the website now as they provide incentives for people who apply to them earlier.

4. Helium

Helium sounds really cool. You will have the freedom to write whatever you want or you can opt to offer your service to write assignments found on its dashboard. Helium is the one who will look for jobs for you and it is up to you if you apply to these assignments or not. After that, Helium will then determine if you are the right person for the job. When you are accepted, you can now write for brands or publishers and be paid for it.

5. Review Me

In this website, you will be able to review book, gadget, or any product that might interest you. The good thing about this website is that you can choose what you want to review. If the owner likes your review, you will be paid for it. Price per high-quality review may range from $20-$200.

6. PayPerPost

If you don’t want any of your blog to come to nothing, then you can choose PayPerPost. You can easily earn $500 per month if you are really good at writing about products, services, and other topics.

7. About.com

About.com is one of the very popular ways to make money online from a website that talks about almost any topic under the sun. Since a new niche or topic may arise anytime, About.com is constantly looking for quality writers. You can take a look at their job posting and see if you have what it takes to fit the job description.

8. Triond

There is more freedom in writing when it comes to Triond. You can post videos, audio files, and written content. You create the blog content and Triond will find blog sites who will accept your post. Once your articles are approved, you keep a portion of the earning while the rest will go to Triond.

9. Epinions

Do you have something that you want to review? Then you should choose Epinions if you are looking for a website that makes money that will pay you just to review various products. The best part of Epinions is that they both accept negative and positive reviews; thus, you can write an honest review with guilt-free feeling.

10. Fiverr

Fiverr started a few years ago and yet, it is now toping search engines. The website is famous because of its $5 fixed-price. You can write an article for $5 (though Fiverr will keep $1 for every earning that you gain as a form of commission). In some cases, you can choose to offer a price higher or lower than $5.

Ideas To Make Money From Writing Using 11 Awesome Websites

11. Yahoo! Contributor Network

With Yahoo!’s writing program, you can earn $2-$25 per article you write. They offer upfront payment so you do not have to worry if you will be paid or not. Payments are made through PayPal.

These are some of the best money making website ideas that will let you earn from your written articles. If writing is really your passion, you will be happy to know that you can turn it into a means for you to earn a living. Once you established yourself as a writer, you will never work a single day in your life since it is what you love doing!

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