Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour Near Me

Hi friends, how are you? Google notice me you need high paying jobs that pay $15 dollar an hour near me. There are many jobs all over the world. As you search google jobs that pay $15 an hour near me. So I write this content about this topic.

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Jobs that Pay $15 dollar an hour near me:

Below are 32 jobs that pay $15 dollar an hour or more near to you. These jobs are relatively quick to train for. These 32 jobs are the fastest growing jobs in America. Check out the following categories to find jobs that pay $15 an hour near me. Please check:


2.Skilled Trades and Technology 


 4.Media and Digital Arts 

5.Legal and Criminal Justice     

 6.Design 7.Online freelancing

Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour Near Me

Health Care:

1.Dental Hygienist:

This job is perfect for those people who enjoy helping people. It is an awesome job.

Average:- $15 per hour/ 73,440 year

Job Growth: 20 per cent

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2.Diagnostic Medical Sonographer:

Medical science improves day by day. The diagnostic is a part of this modern medical science diagnostic medical sonographer helps pregnant women and many other types of medical patients.

3.Radiologic Technologist:

Almost everyone X-rays over the courses of their lives. Radiologic Technologist uses in healthcare. You can work as a Radiologic Technologist.

Average Wage-$15 per hour/$59,260 yearly

Job Growth-12 per cent

Freelancing Jobs that pay $15 per hour:

1.Programming and Software Development:

Do you know James Knight, Who is a programmer? He left the lucrative job at Google to Pursue a Career in freelancing. Now he earns over $1000 per hour working as a Freelancing developer.

Programming jobs like software and mobile app development pay the highest for freelancers. This is quite difficult to master and there are few coders out there. So the demand is high for good coders.

Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour Near Me

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Web Design And Development:

Php development is the most demand skill in 2018. There’s good demand for web designers. But it is true web design industry is pretty crowded.

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