Legitimate Work At Home

What is Legitimate Work At Home?

Legitimate work at home is honest and reliable online work you can do at home. It will give you the extra income you desire. You can do the legitimate work at home for as many hours a day and week you want to, part time or full time. If you own a laptop or have access to one, you do not have to be stuck at home doing it, you can go outside or even down by the lake or anywhere you have internet access.

Legitimate work at home has many different types of work you can do. It is work you do online like surveys for companies, writing blogs, doing research for a company, or even an online business you start.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

You may be thinking that legitimate work at home does not pay enough money to where you can quit your job outside the home, but you can. Depending on how much time you want to put into it, alegitimate work at home job can give you enough money that you will not have to have a job outside the home.

It all depends on how many hours you want to be doing the online work at home. Some people just do the work at home a few hours a week and get paid for the part-time work. Some people do the work for several hours a day and do get paid the same or even more than the full-time job they had outside the home. It all depends on how many hours a day and week you want to be doing the online work at home.


There are many good and wonderful things about legitimate work at home. Some of the pros for doing legitimate work at home are:


When you do online work at home, you can work as many hours as you want to a day or week. You can do the work for as many hours you want or for a few hours as you want to be doing it. If you only want to work 10 hours a week you can. If you want full-time work, then you can do the legitimate work at home for 40 hours. The amount of hours per day and week you do the work is all up to you.


If you want to work in the morning, afternoon, evening, or late at night when everybody else is sleeping, you can. Legitimate work at home gives you the freedom to work what time of the day or night you want to be working.

It also gives you the opportunity to work the days of the week you want to be working. You are not stuck behind a desk working at the time of day or night you do not want to be working or the days of the week you do not want to be working. When you work is all up to you.


With online work at home, you are not always stuck in the same place working. If you have a laptop, and as long as you have internet access, you can work from anywhere you want to. If you want to bring your laptop outside and sit on your porch or in your backyard, you can.

If you want to go to the park where you live or by the lake, you can as long as you have access to the internet. You can even do the online work when you visit your family in other states or when you go on vacation anywhere. You do not have to stay in the same place looking at the same scenery when doing the online work at home.


Some people may not think online work a person does at home is honest work, but it is. There are many different types of work you can do at home online. You can take surveys for companies because companies want to know from many different types of people what consumers are buying and what they are interested in.

You can write blogs, advertisements, reviews of different products and places. Many companies want to save money and will hire, either directly or indirectly through a blog site, an at home online worker to write their blogs and other things for a cheaper rate than what they would have to pay someone who works in their building.


Online work at home will always be around. You will always be able to have an income through this type of work. There are always companies willing to pay a person to do work at home because it will save that company money.

Honest Customer Reviews

Quote from a real customer from financereports.com: Sue, Saturday, August 18, 2012, @ 8:18 am ~~

“I just started 6 weeks ago and I’ve gotten 2 checks for a total of $2,200…this is the best decision I made in a long time! “Thank you for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to make extra money from home. This extra cash has changed my life in so many ways, thank you!”


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“Thanks for the info, just started this 5 weeks ago. I’ve got 2 checks for a total of $750, pretty cool!”

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you need or want extra income then you should look into legitimate work at home. If you have not been able to find work at the income level you want or desire, then you should check out online work at home. If you want stable, reliable, and honest income, then you should look into the various online work you can do at home. It is simple and easy to find legitimate work at home for the amount of income and hours you want and desire.

200 Companies Offering Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities:

Customer service:

  • 1-800 Flowers 
  • 1-800 Contacts 
  • Apple At Home 
  • Amazon.com
  • Alpine Access 
  • Apple 
  • Arise
  • ACD Direct 
  • Apptical 
  • Asurion 
  • Aspire Lifestyles
  • Call Center QA 
  • Convergys 
  • Century Link 
  • Concentrix 
  • Contract World 
  • Cruise 
  • Direct Interactions 
  • Great Virtual Works 
  • Hilton Hotels 
  • Home Shopping Network 
  • Expert Planet 
  • Intelicare
  • Intelichek 
  • Ipsos 
  • On Point Advocacy
  • Next Level 
  • NexRep 
  • Maritz Research
  • Pleio Goodstart 
  • Sitel 
  • Liveops
  • ORC International
  • Telcare 
  • TeleTech @ Home 
  • Televated 
  • Transcom 
  • Sutherland 
  • Uhaul 
  • VIP Desk Connect 
  • VeraFast 
  • VoiceLog
  • Westat 
  • Alorica at Home
  • Working Solutions 
  • Xact Telesolutions 

Bookkeeping :

  • Accounting Department.com
  • Bateman & Co.
  • Balance your Books
  • Book Minders
  • Click N Work
  • Click Accountant Bookkeeping Services
  • TAD Accounting

Chat/ Email Support:

  • alk 2 Rep
  • Site 5
  • My Live Pro
  • SitesStaff
  • Uber
  • Weebly

Court Research :

  • Advanced Background Check
  • Deed Collector
  • First National Acceptance Company
  • JBS Court Research Services
  • Probate
  • Omni Data Retrieval
  • WolfGang Research

Data Entry:

  • Axion Data
  • Dion Data Solutions
  • Great American Opportunities
  • SigTrack
  • Virtual Bee

Errands and Miscellaneous Tasks :

  • Task Rabbit
  • Gigwalk

ESL Tutoring (Teaching English online) :

  • Go Fluent
  • Berlitz
  • English Hunt
  • I Speak U Speak

Healthcare :

  • Imaging on Call
  • FoneMed
  • LifeBridge Health
  • McKesson
  • Sirona Health
  • UnitedHealth Group Careers

Medical Coding:

  • Amphion Medical
  • AviaCode 
  • Mayo Clinic
  • MedQuist

Graphic Design:

  • 99 Designs
  • Crowdspring
  • Fiverr
  • Zillion Designs
  • LogoMyWay


  • 3 Play Media
  • Accentance
  • AccuTranGlobal
  • Babbletype
  • Cambridge Transcriptions
  • eTranscription Solutions
  • Express Document Service
  • Fantastic Transcripts
  • Mass Transcription
  • Net Transcripts, Inc.
  • Perfect Transcription
  • REV
  • SpeakWrite
  • TASK Document Services
  • Tigerfish
  • TSI Transcripts
  • Ubiqus Transcription
  • Vitac

Mail Decoy:

  • Hausernet
  • US Monitor

Micro Jobs:

  • Amazon Mechanical Mturk
  • Click N Work
  • Task Rabbit

Moderation :

  • BabyCenter
  • Metaverse Mod Squad
  • Ask Community
  • ICUC 
  • Yelp
  • Lithium


  • ProofreadingServices.com
  • Sibia Proofreading

Resume Writing:

  • ResumeEdge
  • Resume Writing Jobs – Indeed
  • RiseSmart

Search Engine Evaluation :

  • Appen Butler Hill
  • Leapforce
  • Lionbridge
  • iSoftstone

Translation :

  • 1-800 Translate
  • Aberdeen
  • Clickworker
  • Appen Butler

Tutoring :

  • 2U
  • Brainfuse 
  • Berlitz
  • Creative English Solutions (Canada )
  • Eduwizards 
  • EleMental Learning 
  • Expert Tutors (Canada)
  • HomeworkHelp.com
  • Homework Tutoring
  • Tutor ABC
  • Tutor.com

Virtual Assistant :

  • EaHelp
  • Fancy Hands
  • Time Etc.
  • Zirtual
  • Worldwide 101

Web Testing:

  • UserTesting
  • WhatUsersDo
  • Userlytics
  • YouEye
  • Enroll
  • UTest
  • UserFeel
  • Feedback Army
  • Analysia
  • TryMyUI 
  • Loop 11

Writing :

  • About
  • BKA Content 
  • Article Document 
  • Crowd Content 
  • Content Divas
  • London Brokers 
  • Scripted
  • Content Runner
  • Textbroker
  • iWriter 
  • LoveToKnow 
  • eCopywriter
  • Zerys 
  • Listverse 
  • TopTenz.net
  • WritersNeeded 
  • HireWriters
  • Words of Worth 
  • Wordgigs
  • Break Studios
  • Get A Copywriter 
  • TextMaster
  • GreatContent 
  • Media Shower 
  • HowToHint 
  • The Content Authority 
  • WiseGEEK.com
  • CopyPress
  • Copify 
  • WriterAccess 
  • WritersDomain 
  • Skyword 
  • Write.com 
  • WritersNeeded 

Revenue Sharing Writing Sites:

  • HubPages
  • InfoBarrel
  • Snipsly
  • Daily Two Cents
  • Seekyt


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