Learn How to Make Cash taking Surveys from Home

Learn How to Make Cash Taking Surveys

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If you are wondering how to make cash taking surveys from home, then you came to the right place. In this post, we will explore some of the companies or websites that will help you to do just that.

Surveys are very important for various companies and entities. Through surveys, they are able to listen to the voices of their customers and gain newer insights into how they can improve their products and services. Thus, these companies are very willing to pay you extra money just to answer surveys.

Realistically, paid surveys will not 

 Make Cash Taking Surveys

make you rich overnight. It is a great way to start knowing how to make money online if you are a beginner. Nevertheless, paid surveys can be a great source of extra income, especially during the current economic turmoil. The best thing about paid surveys is that it is never difficult. You have the freedom what products you are going to evaluate and it will only take less than 30 minutes to finish. Therefore, it is a fun way to earn money and I am sure you will love how paid surveys work.

So here are some of the companies or websites that might help you earn through answering paid surveys.

Greenfield Online

Just like Survey Spot, you have the option to have the survey in your email and answer that on the spot or you can just go to the website and from their answer the survey. Every survey has its own qualifications. Not everyone can actually get any survey and answer them at will. You need to be the right person to answer the survey. After answering enough surveys and you earn $10, you can request for a cash-out through PayPal. Greenfield Online can provide you with 2-3 surveys per day.

Lightspeed Panel

Lightspeed Panel is part of beginner-friendly ways to earn money online from home. It has the largest selection of rewards. So you need to earn points by answering surveys, doing product tests, and joining the sweepstakes. Once you have enough points, you can choose a reward from their lists. So you do not have limited options on how you want to be rewarded. Wait for the surveys to get into your email or you can go to their website and look for available work. Surveys can be available twice a day.

Keynote Panel

Keynote Panel only sends the survey once per month, but they have something that might interest you. First, they will determine if you qualify for their programs. Once they include you in their list, you can evaluate websites and leave comments on different topics. After that, they will pay you around 10-50 dollars. In addition to this, you also have a chance to be paid with gift certificates that you can use in Amazon. They pay and send certificates promptly so you can be sure that they really pay.

Survey Spot

This is one of the top paid survey sites today. They have a wide range of surveys that you can choose from. Aside from paid surveys, they offer product tests and sweepstakes entries as well. They can also help you make money online with sponsored reviews. Another feature of Survey Spot is you get to play a game every time you finish a survey. This way, you can earn extra cash. The survey will be sent to your email or you can go to their website and access the surveys. Unfortunately, Survey Spot will not be able to provide you a bulk order as paid surveys will only come to your email twice or thrice a month.

Brand Institute

The pay for the Brand Institute is bigger compared to other paid survey sites. The drawback is that they send surveys very seldom. In fact, you might only receive 4-6 surveys per year. They can send you a check in case you want to get paid or you can provide your PayPal account as well.

Global Test Market

Your main aim here is to earn as many points as possible. Once you earn 1000 points, you can convert that to $50. The site will need to evaluate your qualification to answer the survey. Do not worry if you are not selected for that survey. You can still earn points by just merely trying. Wait for surveys in your email as they come 6 times per month.

Your 2 Cents

You need to make your profile real professional in Your 2 Cents. You can even earn extra points by completing your profile. They will pay you up to $5 per survey. Payment is done through check which will take around a month or so to be processed and available for you. They only send surveys 3 times per month on average.

Buzz Agent

This website can be very rewarding. This is how it works; first, they will send a product for you to test, then you will need to create a product review about it and spread the word to your friends and contacts. It works almost similar for making money online with blogs sponsored reviews. Once you are done with the survey, you can keep the product that you just reviewed. So aside from the money you earn from answering their survey, you have the product as well.

My View

Recently, this site gets an upgrade on their system. As a result, the site is now user-friendly and you can find the right surveys in no time. They always pay and send surveys at a maximum of thrice a week.

These are some of the great websites that will help you earn money through paid surveys. You need not worry whether your time and effort are wasted or not since paid surveys are genuine ways to make money online at home. Each of these websites is unique and can offer you different incentives and rewards. So better explore one by one and see which of them will get you the most advantage.

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