4 Creative Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash Online

Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash Online:

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Nowadays, practically everyone is looking for an easy way to make quick cash, and there’s no better place to look than on the Internet. Even if you only have an hour to spare every day, there is something out there that you can do to make some pocket money off the Internet.

If you’re like most of the millions of people who use the Internet on a daily basis, then you probably find yourself constantly spending hours in front of the computer just browsing, reading celebrity gossip, and refreshing your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Why not use this wasted time to do something productive and earn a few bucks?

If you want to make some money through the Internet, you have a lot of options. Some will require considerable amounts of time and continuous hard work, while some are easy enough that you can finish them in minutes without breaking a sweat. You probably won’t make enough from these easy gigs to pay your rent, but the extra dollars will afford you a few nice treats.

Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash Online

Because almost everyone else out there with online access is looking for a way to make money through the Web, there are also numerous scams to avoid. You know the type. “Want to earn money fast? Click here to order now!” is just one of the many painfully obvious traps that scammers use. However, there are legitimate ways to earn money and give your financial situation a boost that requires nothing but your laptop or smartphone and a decent Internet connection. Below are four guaranteed easy ways to make quick cash on the Internet.

1.Micro jobs

The marketplace for micro jobs is currently one of the hottest around. Micro jobs are simple online tasks that virtually anyone can do. Sign up at a website such as Fiverr and find someone who will pay you $5 to do mundane tasks such as transcribing a short audio file, proofreading a short story, or compiling comments on a Facebook thread. You can finish each of these short gigs in less than half an hour. You should also try TaskRabbit, Microworkers, Scribe, and VirtualBee.

2.Participating In or Answering Surveys

There are several methods to this. First, there are companies such as SurveyHead that will pay a dollar or two for short surveys that they will e-mail to you. Each survey takes only a couple of minutes to accomplish, but it might take a while before you accumulate enough points for your first payout. Next, there are institutions that occasionally perform online studies. Harvard Business School pays in gift certificates for surveys that take around 15 minutes to complete. There are also research companies like 20|20 Research and Focus Forward who are in constant need of focus group participants for various studies. These programs are generally better-paying than the first two options, compensating participants in the tens or hundreds of dollars.

Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash Online

3.Mobile Tasks

Imagine making money as you go about your day or while you stroll through the mall or the park. No extra effort needed. No special skills necessary. And all you need is your smartphone. Sounds cool, right? Sign up at Gigwalk or Easy Shift and make money doing simple tasks like testing apps and taking photos of fire hydrants. Some programs pay in cash, while some pay in gift cards. Each task will take just 5 or 10 minutes of your time and you can earn between $1 and $100 for each.

4.Monetizing your Blog

If you already own and regularly update a blog, one of the simplest and most amazingly easy ways to make cash fast is to participate in affiliate programs and to sell ad space. Sign up with an insert affiliate or advertising links from Google AdSense, Commission Junction, or LinkShare. This works particularly well if you already have good content and a decent readership. Just keep updating your blog as you usually do (it’s not even really work if you’ve been blogging for fun!) and keep interacting with your audience, and the links will generate income for you.

If you’re perpetually catching yourself blank-eyed and bored in front of the computer, doing nothing but scanning through your friends’ Facebook pages and watching pointless cat videos, stop.  Use this precious free time you have and convert it into cash. There are so many things you can do other than playing Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga until your eyes dry up. Learn how to make money online fast from home and try one or two of the suggestions above. Any of these tasks are worth a try. Think about it: in the time it takes to re-watch some of the useless movies, you could have earned $5 from answering a quick survey. Or, instead of reading yet another Cracked.com article, you could have set up your affiliate links and started earning money. Try it today!

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