Make Money As An ESL Teacher For Children With DaDaABC

Are you interested in working from your own home, teaching English to Chinese children? If so, you will be glad to know that DadaABC offers this opportunity. They are one of the largest English teaching companies for a child in China.

This job might be perfect for you. You need a part-time schedule, reliable pay. You like the idea of helping children learn the English language. You can work for DaDaABC from anywhere. You need the minimum requirements.

DaDaABC Minimum Requirement for Teaching:

According to the DaDaAbc Website, You need the minimum requirements to sign up below:

1. You need to become a native English Speaker.

2. You need to have a Bachelor’s degree.

3. You need to have a desktop or laptop computer with high-speed internet and audio/video capabilities.

Your Job With DaDaABC:

If DaDAABC hires you as an English teacher, You will work with Chinese children between the age of 5 and 16. You need to teach them speaking the English language. You need to use DaDaABC’s real-time English teaching platform as well as their teaching materials.No need provide your own teaching materials.

Your tutoring sessions will depend on what type of class you are teaching. There are three types of classes in DaDaAbc-trial, elective and major. The trial classes are 14 minutes, elective class time is 30 minutes, the last major class is from 30 minutes to one hour.

You can teach the same children over and over, this is one of the greatest things about DaDaABC’s teaching platform. You can build strong friendships with your students.

How Much You Can Earn With DaDaABC:

You can earn $25/per hour teaching this awesome website DaDaABC website. But the hourly rate is not the same for each teacher. They will decide your individual rate based on your results in training and demo class performance.

DaDAABC pays you full payment for the time you spend teaching, and the half payment for standby time.

When you renew your contract with DaDaABC  at the end of 12 months, You may be fit for a pay raise if your attendance, punctuality, and class quality are good.

What To Expect When You Apply:

There are many different steps to go through with the company once you started the application process by uploading your CV:


2.Internet connection test and system training.

3.TPR ( total physical response) training

4. Watch videos of qualified teachers.

5.Demo Class

6.Sign the contract

7.Probation performance review

If you fulfil these things successfully, You will officially be a DaDaABC teacher.

The Schedule:

DaDaABC gives you a flexible schedule. You tell them your schedule, and then they will choose your teaching time slots based on that. The company holds classes every day at the following time: Monday to Friday 6:00PM-9:10 Pm ( Shanghai time) Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-12: 10 pm,6:00Pm-9: 10 Pm ( Shanghai time)

You must teach at least two hours a day. and Two days per week. The Company fill better when your schedule once it has been set, but if you want to change your teaching time, You will need to give them 30 days advance notice.

How to Sign Up to Teach For DaDaABc:

You can submit your teaching application click here

Have you any questions about this company? IF you have a question just visit the Q&A section on the company’s website for more information.

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