How to Make Money From Home on Facebook

Ever since Facebook was introduced in the earlier part of the new millennium, literally over a billion people have since connected to this very popular social media.
People have been spending countless hours posting statuses, chatting and messaging friends, and liking and commenting. But have you ever given a thought on how to make money from home on Facebook? Since people have been spending so much time on this Mark Zuckerburg creation, why not make money in the process, right? After all, if Zuckerburg and friends became instant billionaires from Facebook, then maybe earning a few hundred dollars would not be so hard, don’t you think. Well, there are in fact people who have found a way to earn money on Facebook and with a little hard work mixed with some luck, you could too.So how do you actually make money on Facebook? Well, let us count the ways.

It is a fact that making money requires other people. If you are offering services, you would need customers who would be willing to shell out money for your service. If you are selling something, you would need buyers who would be willing to part with their hard earned money in exchange for your product. People are what Facebook offers for you. One of the ways to make money on Facebook is to take advantage of the fact that there are literally hundreds of millions of people on the site whom you can reach out. You do not even actually need to reach out to all Facebook users. You can simply focus n your friends and your friends’ friends. Sell something. A lot of people today are making money selling gadgets online.

make money from home

With Facebook, you get to be able to advertise the product that you are selling. You can post photos of these products and then tag friends. This ensures that even the friends of your friends would be able to see the product that you are selling. With more people being aware of your item, the probability of gaining a sale increases as well. So again, one way of making money at home with Facebook is through direct selling of products. Facebook offers a wonderful platform that you can take advantage of. This is basically free advertisement that Facebook gives you the privilege to do simply by posting statuses and pictures of your products.

But what if you do not have products to sell. Are there other ways to make money from home easily and safely with the use of Facebook?

And the answer to that question is a resounding yes! There are in fact other ways to make money from home easily and safely with Facebook. One of the best ways to do that is to create your own page. It may be a page that posts daily inspirational quotes. It may be a fan page of your favourite celebrities, athletes, television shows, or movies. It may even be a page about your community. The key is to create a page that will eventually gather many likes, the more likes the better. Once you have gathered a good number of likes to your page, you can now go ahead and sell your page. With the advent of social media these days, internet memes have become a phenomenon.

We all love a good laugh and these days almost everything has been turned into a meme. That is why online you would be able to find thousands of these meme sites offering much of the same jokes. If you have a Facebook page that has, say, over a hundred thousand likes, you can then sell it to one of those internet meme sites. They would be chomping at the bit to do so. You know why? Because it would provide them with another avenue to promote links to their daily memes.

make money from home

How else would a page called “Don’t spend your life chasing people who don’t appreciate you” be posting memes on a daily basis? That particular page currently has over 250,000 likes. For all we know, it was probably created by a jilted lover and people who can relate to the page title liked it, hence the over the couple of hundred thousand followers. Today that page does nothing but post memes. This is an obvious indication that whoever owned that page must have sold it to a meme generator site for a few thousand dollars. Easy money considering that the page owner hardly did anything. He or she just so happened to have created a page that got a lot of likes. So try creating one and hope that it catches on. With many likes, you can then sell it to other sites for profit.

If you think creating a page that would get hundreds of thousands of like might be a tall task and if you have no actual supplies of products to sell, fret not because there is still another way. That is through becoming an affiliate. Most products and services online these days offer an affiliate program. This means that you would be selling their product and you gain a percentage of the profit upon every sale. Again, the many people logging on to Facebook daily provides you with a built-in audience to advertise products or services as an affiliate. Many people are also profiting big from this one. You do not have to have a physical product on hand. You do not even need to personally transact. Just promote the product or service, make sure you include your affiliate link, and those interested enough to click it can do the transaction on their own through the link you provided. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

So next time you ask the question “How can I make money from home using Facebook?”, just think about those three things discussed in this article. Sell an actual product, create a page, gather fans and then sell it, or become an affiliate. With Facebook, making money from any of those is certainly possible.

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