How to Make Money on eBay 2018 – A beginners Guide to Make Money Online

Way to Make Money on eBay

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Are looking for ways to earn some extra cash? eBay is one of the best platforms on the internet to make money online. Then, you might want to consider making money on eBay! Yes, I know this is not something new since eBay has been popular for many years now. eBay is the largest online buy-and-sell platform today. Though there are no other competing websites with similar niche, eBay remains strong and on solid ground.

Make Money on eBay

In this post, I will help you learn how to make money on eBay. What does making money at eBay entail to make money online and be successful? Before going further and avoid wasting time, have an action plan, put on paper and jot down important facts on the point where you need to start from. You may ask yourself, what sells best on eBay people are looking for to save money and make money online. Do agree with me that when you save money, it is also a way of making money at eBay? Why then not explore other sites? I think we are together.

What to sell on eBay – Create an eBay Account

Obviously, you need to create an eBay account. Setting up an account is definitely free and you can either use eBay as a seller or a buyer. When you choose a user ID, make sure that you use something that will be befitting your niche. But if you want to simply use your name that is fine as well. Just understand that your user ID will be the name you will be known with to the community.

What Sells Best on eBay – Determine fees

While creating an eBay account is free, you need to realize that each business transaction performed will require you to pay a certain amount of fees. As a part of learning how to make money on eBay, I will recommend that you choose the standard fee arrangement. It is always advisable to understand what sells best on eBay which people are looking for or what you also may be looking to purchase to save money. In this arrangement, you will be able to create 50 listings without anything to pay for, but in case you sold an item, you need to give 10% of the selling price back to eBay.

Want to make money on eBay Free – Create a PayPal account

It is true that eBay will not require you to have PayPal, but your life would be a lot easier when you have one. PayPal is the most preferred way of how people buy and sell in the online world. Thus, having your own PayPal account linked to eBay will be a great idea.

Determine items to Sell- Making Money at eBay

You probably have some ideas on what to sell on eBay well before you started using it. Perhaps, you want to sell your old laptop, computer, or any electronic gadget. Whatever you want to sell, it will be best to start with the things that you already have and make money online selling on eBay. It is cost-effective and it does not need any capital. Always look for what sells best on eBay, and it easy to find by using Google to find the keywords people are typing.

You need to be familiar with what you are selling as well. Since buyers at eBay will most likely depend on images of your product, they will naturally have many questions in mind. If you are not too familiar with what you are selling, then your potential customers will not be convinced enough to buy from you.

Do not be afraid to start small selling method how to make money online for free using eBay. It is said that a thousand journey starts with one step. When it comes to eBay, most power sellers started small. So do not be afraid or ashamed that you are selling small items; this is one of the ways to make money online from home. The key here is that you gain a chance to explore eBay more without too many risks. In the process, you get familiar with eBay and this will eventually prepare you to sell bigger items in the near future.

Make Money on eBay

Initially, eBay started as an auction site; however, throughout the years, it has added different means on how to sell your items.

The first selling method you want to try is the traditional auction. In this method, you will sell your item and let your buyers bid for it within a specific length of time. At the end of the bidding period, the one with the highest bid will win your item. This method is very effective if you already have a good reputation on eBay and the community has a great interest in your items.

Just in case you want to set a minimum bid on your item, you can use the Reservation, though it has additional fees. This way, you can control your selling price to some extent and learn how making money online at home feels like.

If the traditional auction does not work for you, then you can opt for “BIN or Buy It Now” method. This is very easy to do since all you have to do is to place a fixed price on your item. Your customers will see the price and they do not need to bid or wait long to purchase the item.

Finally, you can just list your item and wait for people to place the Best Offer. This is different from the traditional auction style since your customers really do not bid, but try to give you the best price they can offer. This is one method popularly used if you want to make money at home from your website if you have one or looking forward to owning one.

Decide your pricing

If you choose the BIN feature of eBay, you will most likely need to determine the right price of your item. You do not want to overprice your item as this can fend off customers. You also do not want to underprice your item as this lower your income or even degrade your item. So how can you price your item properly?

The first thing you do is to explore eBay and look for similar items. See how much it was sold and pay close attention to what selling method was used.

Making money at eBay Conclusion

These are just some of the steps, guides, and tips that you must know when you want to earn using eBay. It is an exciting endeavour and I am sure that you like the idea behind eBay. It is an additional way of how to make money on eBay, without leaving your home. Experience is the best teacher so they say. Thus, get into eBay and earn experience to really be successful. People are making money at eBay, you are not exempted, you too can make money online using this platform.

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