Proven Ways You Can Make Money with Data Entry

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Proven Ways to Make Money with Data Entry:

I wrote this content about  Make Money with Data Entry. Read A to Z about  Make Money with Data Entry.

Data entry used to strictly be an office job. Today, it has become one of the most common work-at-home opportunities for independent contractors all over the world. And with crowdsourcing websites becoming ever more popular, data entry jobs from home have become almost ubiquitous.

You can find good employment working as a data entry professional online. This is a fairly simple and potentially lucrative job that you can do with ease. It allows you to work from home, has flexible hours, pays based on your performance, and only requires basic computer and typing skills. It even presents you the opportunity to earn more than what you make at your regular job. If you’re looking for work that is both legitimate and well-paying, read on and find out how to make money with data entry jobs.

Make Money with Data Entry

Data Entry Skills

Before you begin looking for data entry jobs, make sure you have the basic skills required.

  • Typing

You have to be both fast and accurate. This is the most important skill for data entry professionals, as some pay structures rely on the number of keystrokes you make in a set period of time. In data entry, those who can do the work faster with as few errors as possible earn more. Take typing tests and practice your typing skills.

  • Familiarity with computer software

Knowledge in some of the most common computer software is necessary. A data entry operator must be familiar with MS Office and Open Office and must be able to navigate his way around MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, and similar programs.

  • Ability to work with little supervision

Because the job is so straightforward, you shouldn’t have to be taught or trained how to do it. As an independent contractor, you are expected to know what you’re doing and to quickly learn any new system or technique that may have been unfamiliar to you.

  • Other skills like editing or fact checking

Occasionally, a data entry job will entail added tasks like editing or proofreading or data verification. When this is the case, the job tends to pay more.

Data Entry Salary and Hours

Pay rate structures depending on whether the job is home-based or office-based, whether you work as an employee or an independent contractor, the difficulty of the project, and the skills required to accomplish the work. Data entry operators with longer experience and good feedback usually get paid more. Office-based data entry jobs pay an average of $14 per hour. This is sometimes matched or even exceeded by home-based work; however, online freelance data entry jobs also sometimes pay as low as $1 per hour.

Data entry jobs can be paid on a (1) hourly, (2) per word, (3) keystrokes per minute/per hour, and (4) per project basis. Work paid on a per project basis will pay more but might also take longer to finish. If you’re not a fast worker, the overall pay may actually turn out to be lower than if it had been on an hourly basis. Scrutinize the rate, pay structure, and time needed to accomplish the task before agreeing to do a project.

Where to Find Data Entry Jobs

Just as important as learning how to make money with data entry is learning how NOT to make money with data entry – in short, don’t fall for data entry scams. You can earn money from online data entry tasks, but unless you are a seasoned data entry professional, the pay is usually modest. If you see an ad or a listing for a data entry job that hints at exorbitantly high wages, it probably isn’t legit. Data entry listings are rife with work-from-home scams, so choose carefully. The following websites offer legitimate data entry work that doesn’t require sign-up fees:

  • oDesk
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Elance
  • Scribe
  • ClickWorker
  • Axion Data Services

Data Entry Job Tips

  • Watch and learn

The best way to get familiar with the data entry field is to sign up at a website and observe how other freelance data entry workers present themselves to clients and apply or bid for jobs. Go through the forums and read the tips from the data entry veterans. If possible, ask them for advice on how to make money online with data entry.

  • Start Bidding

You might experience some difficulty at the start, as so many other beginners will be looking for data entry tasks. Choose jobs that you think fit your skills best and only bid for those that you can handle.

  • Be a professional

Review your work before you submit it. It has to be as error-free as possible. Try to maintain a good relationship with your client, and follow instructions to the letter. Ask for clarifications before you begin working so you and your client don’t waste time.

You can earn a steady income from a successful data entry career. It offers the potential for long-term work, as long as you perform your tasks well and maintain good working relationships with your clients. Learn how to make money with data entry and start building your online business today!

Make Money with Data Entry

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