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Ways to Make Money with Facebook:

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Facebook is perhaps the most widely used social networking site. It has millions of members and approaching the billion mark. This is enough reason for business owners to take the business to Facebook. Likewise, it is high time for people to find ways to make money with Facebook.

There are different ways to earn from Facebook and it is important that Facebook members familiarize themselves with all these strategies so that they can identify which ones will work perfectly for them. It will depend upon the length of time that they spend logged in to Facebook, if they have any product or service to sell in it, and what their skills and talents are.

Creating a Page

It is most recommended that the person have a separate personal Facebook account and one for his or her business. This will keep the tone of the business page more professional and the page owner will be able to keep his or her privacy. It is best to have these two accounts connected, though so posts can be shared easily. Also, the Facebook page owner needs to decide if he or she will be selling a product or service with it since this is the biggest factor to consider when choosing a page name or a page title. This will also be the page link since Facebook offers such a feature. A person who wants to make money using Facebook should choose a page name that will be catchy and easy to remember.

Ways to Make Money with Facebook

A Facebook page owner should make sure that his or her page’s cover photo looks good and the subject of the cover photo should always be clearly visible. Every time their Facebook page is shown as a suggestion for other Facebook members to like, it will show the cropped version of the page’s cover photo. Making it look attractive, interesting, and pleasant to the eyes will most likely convince other Facebook members to “like” the page. Aside from the quality of the image, the Facebook page owner should also take note of the optimum size for the cover page. This will ensure that the cover page will look right no matter what.

The same goes for a Facebook page owner’s profile photo. The photo should be clear, readable, represents the Facebook page clearly, and with a resolution and angle that can be used in any social media platform. The consistency of profile photo in different social networking sites is important for easy retention on the minds of the people.

Choosing the right category for the Facebook page also matters a lot. It will greatly affect how people will be directed to the Facebook page. It greatly affects traffic and the reach of the page. Pages need as much traffic as they can get. Greater traffic means greater chance to sell and be shared which will broaden the page’s reach even more. This means more chances to make money on Facebook.

Choosing a Niche

The first step to take is to choose a niche. It does not need to be very unique. It will be best if the person will choose a niche that is within his or her field of expertise and interest. Choosing one that they are most interested in will keep them motivated and inspired in maintaining their Facebook page. This will also give them a lot of knowledge about the niche which will be their edge among similar pages. Knowing a lot about a specific niche will give the person an endless stream of ideas about topics to discuss, contents to post, and information to share.

Ways to Make Money with Facebook

Making posts

A Facebook page’s content should be interesting and informative. Facebook page owners should be consistent in posting. They should always update their page to keep people interested in the page. Page owners should share different kinds of posts. They can post articles, blogs, photos, videos, polls, trivia bits, or contests. This is important if a person wants to learn how to make money on Facebook. It will be best if the Facebook page owner can update their page every day. It will earn people’s trust and will help the Facebook page owner credibility as a professional, an expert who can easily be reached whenever there is such a need for communication.

It is always important to get the Facebook page fans or followers to join the conversation or discussion. Ask questions, ask people for their opinion, ask them to ask more questions. These things will keep the conversation informative, fun, and entertaining. Some Facebook page owners even hold contests to keep things interesting and to motivate their page followers to participate.

There is such a thing as over posting. That is why it is important to post substantial and attention-grabbing contents but do it with considerable intervals. Posting too often will sometimes lead the page’s followers’ news feed to be filled with the Facebook page’s posts. Some of the followers may get irritated by this and might make some of these followers unfollow or unlike the page.

Setting the Mind

Facebook page owners should have the correct mindset about the progress and success of their page. It is not a success that can be achieved overnight. A Facebook page is just like a plant that needs to be nurtured and nourished. It should be given sunlight and water just like how a Facebook page needs contents in order to grow. The Facebook page owner should have patience and perseverance. Consistency is the key to a Facebook page’s success.

Set the mood

Facebook page owners should organize all the information, files, and the actions that they will take. There should be a plan and a schedule and the Facebook page owner should stick to it. Discipline will lead to consistency and consistency will lead to success. If a person will ask, “Does FaceBook make money?” the answer is a resounding “Yes!” The Facebook page owner should also add friends or send invites to their page as much as they can. Of course, there is a slight possibility that the person they are adding as a friend will accept but still, a slim chance is a lot better than having no chance at all.


One of the best ways to earn money on Facebook and pretty much all other sites is through affiliate marketing. This is done through having the Facebook page owner post something with a specific link from an affiliate. When it gets clicked, the Facebook page owner will earn money. Big online companies and stores offer affiliate marketing such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes. This is something that anybody can do since there is no risk to the online company or online store for this. What the Facebook page owner will earn is just a part of the item’s cost. This is one great answer to the question, “How do I make money with FaceBook?”

One thing to remember is that a Facebook page owner should never pay a single cent to be an affiliate.

Facebook Insights

It is important for each and every Facebook page owner to familiarize themselves with Facebook Insights. This tool tells the page owner everything about the activities on his or her page. It shows how many followers the page has. It shows how many people followed the page at certain periods of time. A report is easily available about the activities compared from one month to another. Reports will also be sent to the Facebook page owners via electronic mail. It even shows how many Facebook members are talking about the page and how many people have been viewing the page for particular days. These pieces of information are mostly shown as graphs that are very easy to understand.

Facebook Stores

Commerce is alive and well on Facebook. There are a lot of Facebook accounts and Facebook pages that are being used as online stores. Some people sell gadgets, gadget accessories, clothes, shoes, books, and there are some Facebook members who even sell pets. There are also some Facebook business pages that are from established business, with actual stores, outside Facebook. These pages are used as an online extension of the established store.


Some people develop applications for making money online using Facebook. Once they have the final output, it will be sold to interested parties. This is something that is in demand especially for Facebook. The application developers will surely have no problems selling the applications for a considerable amount of money. It is great income from doing something that a person loves to do. Just like what they say, it will not feel like it is work at all. A great place to get started is the Facebook developers’ page.

Some developers integrate micropayment schemes such as Paypal through premium items or any premium stuff that application users can purchase for better application experience.

In a different light, Facebook page owners should also choose their applications on their page carefully. These applications greatly affect traffic as people with the same interests and people who use the same applications will most likely be led to the page as it comes out in the suggestions in “pages you might like” section. Adding applications that are entirely not related to the Facebook page will only confuse the page’s followers. It will be best for Facebook page owners to keep the applications that they use at the minimum and get rid of unnecessary applications.

Facebook netiquette also applies to Facebook pages. Page owners should be respectful, considerate, and sincere. These qualities will help them succeed on their Facebook and other social networking sites undertakings. These are the things that Facebook page owners need to consider if they have decided to make money with Facebook.


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