6 Creative Ways to Make Money Online using Amazing Website Ideas

6 Creative Ways Make Money Online

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People may have been wondering why there are website owners who own a lot of websites. It is definitely a wonder how they can continuously update and promote each website and have more website ideas to make money. Sometimes, these website owners seem to be content with the income that they get from maintaining their websites. It is a wonder especially for people who work their butts out just to survive and satisfy their daily necessities.

This practice raises curiosity and desire from other people. Everybody wants to have a source of income without having to exert too much physical and mental effort and spending too much time working. Earning a considerable amount of money without spending much time and effort leaves a person more time to enjoy being with their loved ones and more time to enjoy life.

Although it sounds more like laziness toward other people, wanting to earn without doing much and spending less time working is something that everybody would like to experience. This holds true especially for people who love making the most of their time. These people want to appreciate life, explore different places as well as opportunities, and get as much pleasure as they can. It is never wrong to desire pleasure and contentment. It is always wise to search for better opportunities that will lead a person to have a happier life. Everyone wants to discover how a website makes money.

Affiliate Marketing

Most websites earn money through affiliate marketing. This is a two-way business wherein the website owner features or recommends a product on his or her website. The post will also provide a clickable link that will be used by successfully persuaded customer and once the purchase is sealed, the website owner will get his or her commission, a part of the featured product or service cost.

In this case, content is very important. It will be useless to just post a lot of links to product or service without exerting effort or putting much thought into how the idea is being presented. Website visitors rarely get interested in just photos and links. However, this is acceptable if it is in the website’s photo gallery. However, blogs and articles are important as these provide the perfect opportunity for the website owner to persuade people to buy a specific product or to avail or subscribe to a particular service. When these written pieces are professionally written, the website owner will gain the trust of website visitors and they will feel that they are being guided by an expert in that particular field. This is why website owners or the writers should be very careful in the tone of their writing and their choice of words in their posts. This is one way on how websites make money.


Established websites can earn a considerable amount of steady money every month. With a specific group of audience, advertisers will have a great chance that these members of the targeted audience made up of people who are interested in a particular field or niche will click on their advertisement. The only challenge lies in their creativity in creating an attention-grabbing advertisement.

This is why website owners should never get tired of promoting and employing different techniques and strategies for advertising on their website. They should work hard to get a lot of traffic and a lot of page views. Some website administrators ask similar websites for link exchange wherein they will post each other’s web address somewhere in the website. Some website owners use returned back linking which works similarly with link exchange only this time, it is integrated into a substantial website content instead of the links portion of the website. This is one effective way of how to make money off a website.

Ad Placement

Google Adsense is perhaps the most well-known ad placement tool. How this works boils down to SEO or search engine optimization. In SEO, articles are written depending upon the tone of voice assumed by the website owner. There should be consistency in the tone of voice. In general, the articles should be informative and useful to the website visitors.

The famous video sharing website, Youtube uses Google Adsense ad placements. These are usually found on the results page of each conducted search. Nowadays, Youtube allows their members to earn revenue by opting to show Google ads before that member’s uploaded video plays. Some videos even show Google ads in the middle of the playing video. They should be able to learn from what they read from the website. Ad placement tools usually come with features that choose the ads that will suit the target audience of the website. This gives the website owners more possibilities of getting the displayed ads clicked by website visitors.  In ad placement, if there are more traffic or website visitors, there will be more possibilities or chances to get ad clicks. Now, when a website and gets more clicks, it means more income for the website owner. Click is money when it comes to ad placements. This is one of the cool website ideas. In SEO, it is important to choose keywords that internet users are most likely to type to be directed by the search engine to a specific website. These keywords are bid over Google Adwords. Having a successful Adwords campaign can help the website owner earn money.


Another way to make money online is to sell some products or services online through their website. These may include products that the website owner or some suppliers make. It may also include used things that may still be sold online. It may also include selling of e-books. For services, the website owner may use his or her talent.

They can offer services such as article writing, blog writing, encoding, academic writing, graphic making, website making, tutorials, and more. Some people even sell songs on their websites. The customers can even have a song made especially for them or a song to give to someone special as a gift. In these cases, it is advisable to have a form for copyright transfer as assurance and receipt for the person who purchased the website owner’s work. Some people offer services on their websites like babysitting and dog walking. There are also a lot of data entry jobs available online and the website owner can offer his or her services through his or her own website.

Aside from the website owner’s own talent, websites may also be used by existing service providers such as car rentals, flower delivery, and money remittance. Each sealed deal means money for the website and business owner.

Some people make lots of money by selling tickets online. This is especially true for rare events with sold out tickets. The early bird who got the ticket at its actual price can sell it for a higher price once it is sold out. These tickets may include tickets to premier nights, movies, games, and other events.

Buy and sell is another way to earn money through the website. Although it will involve visiting other websites to buy things that the website owner thinks is a good deal and can be sold for a higher price, he or she can use his or her own website to sell the item purchased.

Some website owners sell info-products. These are just like e-books containing important information that people can get for a price. These are usually very affordable and cost nearly nothing. This is why a lot of people are taking advantage of having additional resources and important knowledge at a very low price.


Just like selling items on the website, renting out something can also help the website owner earn money. Some things that can be rented out are vehicles and band equipment. This may also be done for rooms and apartments.

Membership Fees

Some websites offer exclusive content for their members or what most website owners call premium members. These are usually paid monthly. Some good examples of such income-generators are dating sites that offer their best contents exclusively for their members. With this source of income, the website owner just needs to make sure that the exclusive contents are much better than the ones that can be accessed for free. Also, to guarantee premium members’ satisfaction, the contents should always be updated. There should always be something for them to look forward to in order to maintain their membership month after month. Premium members should know that they are getting what they are paying for, if not more than what they pay for.

People who used to have a regular job are sometimes forced to find a better-paying alternative job. This is true especially for people who have business on the side or those moms who would like to spend more time with her kids and have other responsibilities such as household chores. Some of them are able to find out how maintaining a website can be a good start for them. Some people are forced to find a new job when they get fired or when they retire.  It is a good thing that these days, creating a website and maintaining it do not require any technical skills. It is also possible to learn how to do it at any age as long as the person has determination and perseverance. A never-say-die attitude and optimism are the best states of mind to have when a person is trying his or her hand on website money making. After learning the basics, the website owner should be on the lookout for effective website ideas to make money.

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