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Best Tips Make Quick Cash:

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Staying at home to raise your babies is a noble but often under-appreciated responsibility. Some people think it’s easy, not knowing that it is actually sometimes more exhausting than spending your days at the office. And just because a mother stays at home doesn’t mean she can’t generate cash. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, there are many online opportunities for you to work on your own schedule and add a few extra bucks to the family budget. If you’re wondering how to make quick cash from home, here are seven suggestions to try:

1. Participate in focus groups.

Companies and institutions like Disney, Harvard, and the CW Network spend a lot of money paying respondents to their online and face-to-face studies. You won’t get rich doing this, but if you sign up and get chosen, it’s a quick and easy way to earn extra money in your spare time. Paid focus group participants can earn up to $200 just for voicing their opinions on a product or service.

Make Quick Cash

2. Do freelance work.

The question of how to make quick cash today if you’re unemployed shouldn’t be a problem if you have bankable skills such as web development, graphic design, writing, or expertise in a foreign language. Join an online job site such as Elance or oDesk and capitalize on your skills. You’ll find thousands of listings for freelance writers, designers, developers, transcriptionists, transcribers, virtual assistants, proofreaders, and editors.

3. Share your expertise.

If you’re an authority in your field or just particularly passionate about a certain topic, you can actually get paid by sharing your know-how and answering other people’s questions online. Look for expert directory services and sign up. If your CV is chosen, you can earn a few hundred bucks an hour just for reviewing documents and providing live expert assistance to clients from all over the world.

4. Start a mom blog.

If you have a knack for writing, this is one of the most potentially lucrative online ways to make money at home. I say potentially because not all mom bloggers make it big, but if you do, the payoff could be huge. Successful mom bloggers today earn up to five or six figures a month, most of it coming from sponsorships, affiliate programs, and offline income-generating opportunities that opened up because of the blog. It’s not exactly a “get rich quick” thing. Some of the most famous mom bloggers today have been blogging for at least 5 years, but their fan base is so strong that top advertisers have taken notice. A number of these bloggers (those who take good photos and write good posts) are now sponsored by brands such as Hyundai, Stella McCartney, and Target. If you enjoy writing and have a lot of stories to tell, try this. At the very least, you can earn a few extra bucks by selling ad space and inserting affiliate links in your posts.

5. Sell your art.

If you’re a crafty mommy, check out the popular handmade marketplace Etsy. Here you can sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories, artwork, décor, home furnishings, furniture, toys, and anything handmade or vintage. If you love sewing, sell clothes for babies and kids. If you love working with clay, sell clay jewellery. If you are a letterpress designer, sell stationery or design custom wedding invitations. The possibilities are endless! If you are fond of arts and crafts and are particularly skilled in one or the other, try selling your creations on Etsy. This is a great place to showcase your art and reach a broad customer base without paying for rent and marketing.

6. Become a customer service rep.

If you have a few distraction-free hours to spare and have a good strong Internet connection and phone line at home, try working as a remote customer service representative. You can do support work, helping people troubleshoot tech problems or providing live phone or video chat support.  If you’re not very tech-savvy, don’t worry. Most companies provide free training before you begin. You can do this for a few hours every day while the kids are asleep or at school and earn around $1500 per month. Find customer service jobs at job resource websites by typing “customer service rep” in the search field.

 Make Quick Cash

7. Sell your stuff.

One of the easiest online ways to make money from home is to scour your house for things you no longer need or never needed and sell them on eBay or Craigslist. You can sell clothes, accessories, furniture, furnishings, toys, books, collectables, appliances, sports equipment, and even vehicles! As long as the items are unused or still in mint condition, you can fetch a good price for them. Some items will even sell if they are “pre-loved” or in “excellent used condition”, but expect to lower your asking price for these. Baby clothes and toys, collector’s items like coins and stamps, and gadgets sell like hotcakes. You can even look for items to sell in yard sales and flea markets. One mommy’s trash is another mommy’s treasure!

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