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Ways Making Money at eBay:

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eBay is perhaps the most reliable online auction site in the world. This is why you know how other people are making money online from eBay. Although a lot of people do not have much time to spare, waiting for auctions to end, there are still people who love the thrill and the challenge of being the highest bidder just before time runs out. Auctions require patience, focus, and strategies to be profitable. However, for the impatient ones, they can choose the “buy now” option that is available for some of the items that are up for sale or auction.

What to Sell

eBay, being an auction cum online store, is used when the person has something to sell online. There are not many rules on what a person can sell on the site.

  • De-clutter. It is time for spring cleaning no matter what the season is. If a person is just starting out on eBay, it will be best to experiment with things that he or she does not need anymore. This may be done by thoroughly checking all the things in the person’s house. He or she can look for things that are not used anymore. One man’s trash may be the other man’s treasure. This is perfect for those who just want to learn how to make money with eBay. People are amazed at how much people would buy something that is just lying around in the house, collecting dust. The best thing to do is find a special Ebay container or even just an eBay box and put all things there that the person would like to sell. There are a lot of things that can be found in drawers, closets, the garage, in the backyard, the kitchen, cupboards, and even in the attic. This will help the person have a cleaner house where everything is in order. It can help people who are looking for that specific item because he or she will not have to look far just to buy the item. They are also sure to get the item at a very affordable price compared to buying it brand new. Also, even the environment will benefit from that is one trash less. To top it off, the seller will earn money from it. What more can a person ask for?
  • Best Sellers. These are the things that sell most. People who want to learn how to make money from eBay should take note of these. Things that were never used and have all the things, manual, warranty card, and box intact are sure to sell for a higher value especially if it still carries the tag price. Ideal stuff would be CDs, DVDs, and gadgets. Likewise, items that carry a brand name are more trusted than generic ones. Rare items and collectables do not sell fast but surely sells at a ridiculously high price. A lot of people sell things in lots. This is much easier if the seller is in a hurry to get rid of a lot of items in a single classification and it will also be a great deal for the buyer.


There are a lot of things that eBay sellers should remember to make their eBay experiences fun and profitable.

  • Keywords. eBay sellers should be very careful when choosing keywords for the items that they are selling. The eBay community will definitely get upset if they find items listed in unrelated keywords. It is also important to be specific so that people who are searching for the item can easily find it.
  • Earn your Stripes. Building a profile is something that will help eBay sellers earn their credibility as a seller as well as the shoppers’ trust. It is done by making purchases and people who want to learn to make money from eBay can start doing this by purchasing minor items. There are a lot of things sold on eBay that the seller may need and each purchase will raise a person’s eBay level. Most buyers would buy items only from those with high feedback rating. This is why a seller should build their profile first before selling items, especially expensive ones.
  • Compare. eBay can teach people as they sell. This may be done through observation of what others have been selling and check closely what it is that helped the item sell. New sellers should pay close attention to the item description, the methods of payment, the time of activities, the keywords used, and the item itself. This will give them a clear insight into the factors that affect the rate of how an item sells. eBay has a special tool that allows a seller to click on a “sell something like this” button that will make posting an item easier. Just make sure that the item description and other details will not be copied exactly as it was presented because it might cause copyright problems.
  • Title. eBay sellers sometimes take the title of their ad for granted. This is definitely wrong. The title will be the thing to catch the buyers’ attention. It should perfectly and exactly describe the item for sale.
  • Jargons. eBay sellers should familiarize his or herself with Ebay jargons. These are usually used in posted items especially in the item description and the modes of payment.
  • Item Description. The item description should be accurate. Honesty is the best policy especially or those who want to learn to make money online with eBay. Sellers should tell everything that the buyers would like to know especially when it comes to the item’s flaws. Descriptions should be accurate, concise, and straight to the point. This will help the seller earn the buyers trust and will ensure that the customers know what they are buying which is usually the cause of problems when buying things online. When selling items on lots, it is best to point out the advantages of buying items in lots. These benefits may include savings from the items’ cost and shipping fees.
  • Original Photos. eBay sellers should post original photos of the item that they are selling. It would be great if photos from different angles will be posted along with close-up shots of the item’s flaws if there is any. It should show a ruler or any object that may be used as a reference about the product or the scratch or any other flaw’s size. Using the original instead of stock photos is much better since it will show the customers the item that they are bidding for or buying exactly as it is. It is an established fact that more people bid on items that include photos of the actual item as opposed to those wherein stock photos were used, much more than those ads wherein no photo is included.
  • Go global. To have a broader reach, the eBay seller can enlist their items internationally so that people from overseas can also bid on the item or purchase it.
  • Say no to bogus bids. Some people require a certain amount of reputation rating from buyers before they can post a bid. Some sellers consider newbie bidders if the bidders will contact them first. This protects the seller from bogus bids and the wasted effort of reposting the item and losing current bids. eBay sellers should be wise and vigilant and they should know their rights as sellers. This will help them have a hassle-free eBay selling experience that might be a start of a life-changing business.
  • Templates. To make posting items up for auction or for sale, the seller can prepare premade templates and advertisements that can be used readily. This will help the seller save time and effort and will make each post look organized and professionally made.
  • Ways Making Money at eBay

Seal the Deal

After the purchase, there are still other things to consider. This will ensure that the eBay seller is protected after each deal.

  • Proof of Delivery. Sellers should hold on to the proof of delivery for each item sold. This will be their proof that the item was delivered and he or she will not be held responsible should the package does not reach its destination. By then, it will be the responsibility of the shipping company.
  • Give thanks. eBay sellers should reach out to their customers in creative ways to express their gratitude for patronizing their online store. This may be done by slipping a note in the purchased item, an electronic mail, or a private message which may also be done through adding a positive comment when giving a feedback rating. Sellers can also ask their customers if they want to be informed whenever the seller is putting up a similar item for auction or sale.

Better Pages

eBay sellers can strengthen their eBay presence by taking time to work on the different parts of their eBay page. These include the “about me” page which will tell buyers more about the seller. The seller can also take advantage of different features such as blogs. Posting helpful information will help sellers earn the people’s trust and will give him or her more credibility especially when it comes to the products related to what he or she posts about. It is also one way to direct traffic to the seller’s eBay store. Some sellers even create newsletters that are sent to interested customers for free.

These are the things that will definitely help people have a great start to a successful eBay business. All it takes is research, dedication, focus, and persistence and these will lead to making money at eBay.

Ways Making Money at eBay

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