8 Money Making Apps To make Extra Money Easily

Best Money Making Apps – 8 Apps to Earn Money

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Do you know that there is actually money making apps that can help to earn money at home? I know, it sounds too good to be true, but believe me, there are more to an app than making money out of you. Money making apps are now gaining popularity today since they can actually help you earn in the easiest and most convenient way. By just using your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device, an app will be your next financial best friend when it comes to earning money.

Of course, I am not promising you rugs-to-riches stories. The economy is still tough, right? I am sure that every dollar counts for you and it counts for me as well. Thus, if you can find ways to earn some extra money then why not do it – as long as it’s morally and legally right, that is.


Thus, in this post, I come up with 8 wonderful money making apps that will help you earn extra money in the most pain-free way. Check them out!

8 android apps that pay you money

opinion Money Making apps

I heard that many people get paid to tweet, but you can also get paid by answering surveys. Many companies and brands are dying to know your opinion and they are willing to pay for it! I introduce to your opinion – a market research survey app that allows smartphone users to find sponsored surveys available on the web. All you need is to accomplish selected surveys and you will earn points that when accumulated, you get yourself extra cash. Every 100 points are equivalent to $1.

Make Money Using Apps – MintCoins

Once you download MintCoins, you will surely earn something from it. This money making apps works by giving you certain tasks. When you have completed the task, you will get paid in exchange. There are a lot of tasks that you can choose from. It can be as simple as watching a video clip, answering surveys, downloading another app, inviting friends, and what have youSo basically, MintCoins gather every task available on the web and it will present the tasks to you on a silver platter. You can easily earn $5 and the minimum payout is only $1.

Apps that Make You Money – Jingit

We know that we have to do something to earn in this oil-driven world. But with Jingit, you can earn passively without almost doing anything. Download Jingit and sign-in through your Facebook account. What Jingit will do is to use your Facebook account as an advertising space, but they do this in a very subtle and acceptable way so you don’t have to worry. In return, Jingit will pay you every time someone clicks the ads placed on your Facebook account. So aside from methods to make money with twitter, you can now make money with Facebook.

Make money by using this Survey app

Survey.com is another money making apps which is a  special market research tool. It is almost the same with other apps that provide sponsored surveys, only that Survey.com provides a wider range of survey selection. In addition to this, Survey.com really pays and just within two days upon request of payment, you will receive additional fund in your PayPal account. You need to have a minimum of $7.50 to be able to request a payout.

Make Money With App – GymPact

Here’s a nice way to get fit! How would you like to earn money while attaining your best beach body? With GymPact, now you can. So how does this money making apps work? First, you need to find your gym buddies online. These buddies use GymPact as well. You and your buddies will set up rules, schedules, and diet program as a group. When the rules have been set, you will need to place a bet or a pledge on the pot. If any of your buddies fail to keep the rules, then the rest of you guys will divide the pot money. By the way, don’t think of cheating as the app is packed with cheating-sensing features.

Another Money Making App – Sapporo

This app is almost the same as MintCoins. Sapporo had been around for many months now, but only now that they go mobile as part of the make money apps. Their prizes are not just limited to money, but they also offer Google Play Gift Cards, Facebook Credits, Minecraft account, game cards, Hulu account, Amazon Gift Cards, mobile accessories, and more.

Field Agent – Money Making Apps

No, this is not a job that sends you to the field, in order for you to gather information; but rather it is a system that helps people who have a particular need to be connected with people who can meet that need. If you are the right person who gives what the other person wants, then you will get paid for that.


This app is perfect for consumers who always shop and do grocery. Through CheckPoints, you can make money with apps by assigning a task in every store. When you have accomplished the tasks, you will earn a point. When you have enough points, you will be able to exchange that for rewards such as gift cards, discounts, and coupons.


I often hear people getting a “kickback” from what they sold. Well, I later understood that this word refers to commission and it is something that will help you make money through this money making apps, ShopKick app. This is one great way to save money from your purchases and use the saved money for future purchases. That’s right. Every time you purchase an item from participating shops, you get an incentive. You earn incentives as well by referring an item to your friends. If your friend buys that item through your referral, then you get another “kick” or point.

Final words

I am sure that this is a helpful list. As you go through them, learn the pros and cons of each app. Find out how you can maximize your earnings. All these if you understood the content, you must have found out that they are tools you can use to make money at home.

There are other apps that you might want to try. However, I believe that I mentioned all the money making opportunities and top apps available out there. With this Money making apps, you will be able to make the most out of your time and earn whenever and wherever you want.

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