Top 3 Money Making Social Networking Sites

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Money Making Social Networking Sites

I wrote about Money Making Social Networking Sites. Read A to Z about Money Making Social Networking Sites.

Listen up; it is amazing how people are making money online through social networking sites; namely, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, just to mention but a few –   people are exploring  them in search of  what is being referred to as, make money website ideas and have one thing in common; they can help you earn money online! Yes, you read that right. Though most people might think of social networking sites as a platform where they can speak their mind, post fun stuff, and get updated with their friends, these websites can actually offer you massive and unlimited opportunities to help your business grow.

Money Making Social Networking Sites

In this article, I will present to you 3 well-known social media networking sites that can boost your business or just to help you earn from anything that you are offering. There are different ways on how these websites can help you. This can be through increased brand awareness, dissemination of information, and driven high traffic.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular websites in the world today. As a matter of fact, there are currently over 250 million people who actively use Facebook. Through Facebook, people can stay connected and be informed of the latest events in a personal, local, national, and international level.

So how can Facebook be great website ideas to make money? First and foremost, Facebook has the largest number of members in terms of being a social networking site. Think about the tremendous potential for your brand exposure. Facebook can help you expand the market size of your business.

Moreover, Facebook integrated Internet marketing strategies as its core. This means that you can take advantage of their marketing programs for a very cheap price. The high flexibility and modifiability of their program are too good to be true. You can target specific types of audience depending upon their location, gender, age, and others.

Facebook is a great medium to communicate your brand and services. Through their notification button, a person can be notified of the latest information about your brand as long as they are subscribed to your news feed. Furthermore, the “like” and “share” buttons have a tremendous effect in spreading words about you.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media for professionals and business oriented people. As part of websites idea to make money, LinkedIn is very advantageous when it comes to increasing your network and circle of business partners. Especially if your business is powered by referral, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you.

LinkedIn does not offer you the same communication level compared to Facebook. This means you really cannot talk or chat with people in real time with them. But one good means of communication when it comes to LinkedIn is the “Answers” feature. It is like a forum where people can post a question and you provide an answer. This way, you can build your credibility and connect with other LinkedIn users.

The best thing about LinkedIn is it can give you more brand exposure compared to Facebook. Since people in LinkedIn are segregated according to interests and industries, you can easily target a specific group of people or company. For this reason, you can specify whom you want to reach instead of aimlessly targeting random people.

One drawback of LinkedIn is the lesser number of traffic since only potential customers and clients normally visit the website. As this might be the case, it can still be one of the strengths of LinkedIn as it can provide you with an already engaged audience who are seeking to make business and not just to have fun in some sort of social networking site. Thus, LinkedIn can still be part of a cool website idea to make money online.

If you are someone who would like to find work, you can use LinkedIn. Build your profile, add your skills, competency, work history, and others to help people find and hire you.

3. MySpace

MySpace has larger customizability compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can add URL links to your blogs, groups, widgets, bulletins, and more. Your page can also be customized according to your preference and need.

MySpace is popular to a wide range of group types. It is a bit difficult to pinpoint the demography of people using MySpace. Nevertheless, there is evidence suggesting that a majority of MySpace users are artists, bands, comedians, and musicians. As a matter of fact, most starting artists use MySpace as their stepping stone for popularity.

When it comes to communication, MySpace is not at par with Facebook. There is a good chance of spamming across the platform. However, you can still send a message, add a comment, and view profile pages.

On the other hand, the brand exposure you get from MySpace is also considered good. You can add information about your company; add videos, content, and links. Your profile page is the key to use MySpace for branding and identity awareness.

Money Making Social Networking Sites

Gaining traffic from MySpace can be a bit difficult. Unless your name is really popular or something that people are familiar with, you will not get too much traffic from the website. A key in using MySpace is to add enough comments and avoid spamming. Focus on your target market.

As a musician looking for ideas to make money online, you can build your profile and concentrate on your strengths. You can add originally-composed songs, upload videos, pictures, and playlists. Whatever your talent and skills, you can use MySpace to create a convincing and wonderful profile page.


There are other social media sites that you can take advantage of when looking for ways to earn a living on the World Wide Web. These may include Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others. Explore other options and determine which of the websites will do you more benefit for you. Better yet, you can use all the popular social media sites to cover all areas and not miss any opportunity. Of course, this will mean that you need to exert more effort, time, and resources.

Money Making Social Networking Sites

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