Top 10 Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs You Can Do from Home

Creative Online Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry jobs mean typing in data from one source to another using a computer. Many big companies outsource data entry jobs to hire home-based independent contractors. If you are looking at home based jobs, Data entry is perfect for you.

There are many scams with data entry job opportunities. You should do proper research to find real companies that offer genuine data entry jobs.

There are many good companies and sites that offer real data entry jobs.you can work from home. These companies will not ask you for paying any fee to apply to the data entry jobs they offer.

Skills and Tools need to Do Data Entry Jobs

As an individual, you need to do data entry jobs must be a fast and accurate typist because many companies pay you only based on the number of correct keystrokes made. You need some basic skills required for doing data entry jobs to include:

  • Fast and accurate typing skills
  • Basic computing skills
  • Experience with Word processing, database, and presentation software
  • A good working computer with a high-speed Internet connection
  • A complete resume with the detail your relevant skills and experience
  • A dedicated business land or cell phone

While there is huge work from home data entry job opportunity available. It’s important to be aware of scams and fake job leads.

It is important to do your research about real data entry job sites. Don’t worry, I have done a lot of research for you. Below is the 11 best data entry job site.

New Online Data Entry Jobs

Companies that offer real data entry jobs

Here are a few top legitimate companies that offer work from home data entry jobs:

1.SmartCrowd ( formerly know as Virtual Bee ) :

SmartCloud is a reputable company. They constantly recruit home based workers to complete a data entry project for their clients. If you meet the SmartCrowd qualification guideline, They will accept your application and allow you to work from home doing data entry. You just log on to the SmartCrowd website and start working.SmartCrowd average pay rate is $5-$6/per hour. The company pay you weekly by check once you reach $30 the minimum payout. If you are the fast type, the company will give you more earnings opportunity.

You can read SmartCrowd review for more details about this Company

Online Data Entry Jobs for student

2.Smart Locating:

This is a famous company. They offer legitimate data entry jobs that you can do in your own home. You need to must be at least 18 years old to apply.

3.Great American Opportunities:

This is a well-known data entry job company. You can work in this company. This company hire a seasonal worker. If you want to work. Pls, apply by sending your resume to [email protected]


Xerox hires occasionally for data entry/verification agents. You need to check their careers page on a regular basis for new data entry openings here


SigTrack offers seasonal data entry jobs that involve processing a voter’s registration for various states. You need to serious while entering the data because your pay can be deducted if you type in incorrect data.

Online Data Entry Jobs

You can read SigTrack review for more details about this Company

6.Amazon’s Mechanical Turk:

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk offers various small tasks including simple data entry tasks. These tasks are called Human Intelligence Tasks.


TDEC is hiring home data entry keyers. You must need broadband Internet access.


Microworkers is a popular site that offers legitimate data entry jobs from home.


Clickworker is a worldwide crowdsourcing platform offers various work at home micro jobs such as writing, translating, research and data entry work. They pay for your work. Clickworker will pay you weekly.


Fiverr is a famous freelance marketplace. You can advertise you all skills. such as photo editing, data entry, translating, writing, transcribing and virtually any kind of skill that you have. If you are looking for data entry jobs, Fiverr is the perfect place for you

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