Real Translator Jobs Review

There are a lot of people looking for a job that they can do at home. Personally, as a mother of 2, I’m one of them.

Just recently I started looking for work-at-home jobs that I can try and found out that there are a whole lot of them out there. One of the first online jobs that I found was the Real Translator Jobs. And since I know more than one language, their ads caught my attention.

I went to the homepage itself, www.RealTranslatorJobs.com. On the actual homepage, the words are very promising. It says there are over 400 companies hiring right now and thousands of available work at home jobs that are waiting for me to start on.

So i was very excited to start! But still i want to make sure, i want to know if this company is legitimate, so i read the whole thing on the website and did some research. Here’s what i found out:

On the actual homepage, for you to start, you will have to be a member. The Real Translator Jobs membership fee is $68.

But wait! If you enter the coupon code ‘HALFOFF’, which is ‘Valid Today Only’, you will get 50% off! The discount will drop the membership fee off to $34. That added the excitement.

I normally do research about work at home jobs by means of checking other people’s reviews. Most of the reviews are almost identical.

Authors of these reviews I found are all assuring that the company is legitimate. Not a scam at all.

The company even offers 60 day warranty period. This means that if their customer decided not to pursue the writing job within 60 days, they give 100% full refund.

And take note, ALL reviews emphasized the extremely low refund rate for this company. The actual service that The Real Translator Jobs offer is a long list of companies that offer the translation job.

The member needs to choose from their list which company he wants to go to then follow the normal procedure of the application that the company’s website provides.

The company is generous enough giving some bonuses in addition to what they actually offer in this translator jobs membership.

Aside from the translation jobs, this website also offers other job opportunities like doing paid surveys and writing jobs, but for a separate membership fee.

The paid surveys and writing jobs have their own homepage for people who are interested in just those fields.

Real Translator Jobs – Conclusion

So if I were to ask if Real Translator Jobs is legitimate or scam? I think it’s legitimate because for the membership fee that you pay, you will get something in return, that’s their LONG list of companies where you could get the actual translation jobs.

When I first heard about the website, I thought that the company itself will provide or assign translation jobs for me and that at first made me feel disappointed but their lists actually helped me find not just one company to work for but gave me more to choose from, so it tuned out to be REALLY useful.

The real question is, Is Real Translator Jobs for you? Hopefully reading this review will help you answer that.

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