Self Employment Ideas:How I Earned $80,000 from this Company

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Self Employment Ideas

Self employment ideas have come into popularity because of the current changes in the workforce. This is not your lemonade stand and doing lawn work, anymore. A self-employment is an ever-widening option because the world of work has changed, and for the most part, everyone has to be a little more creative in finding a job and keeping a job. Why not do one that is fulfilling, and pays for your experience, training, and allows freedom as well? The key to trying self-employment is to simply look at the things you like doing and the things that will pay you for doing them. This content is about Self Employment Ideas.

Self Employment Ideas

Most self-employment ideas begin with the notion that anything can become a full-time job. I began growing herbs in pots on my patio six years ago. I gave them to neighbours, family, friends and kept them all in a full supply of fresh herbs and spices for cooking, natural home remedies, the like. Within a month, I bought a small plot next to my apartment and started a garden. I grew herbs and spices and began putting them in containers I bought at a thrift store. The garden thing grew, and I had become a business owner. I do not mind the work, I get paid, and I deliver my wares across the city. Not bad for a two hundred fifty dollar investment and some seeds. You can get paid for doing what you love. It simply begins by doing, word of mouth, and some freebies to let folks know you are serious.

Self Employment Ideas

New creative business Ideas you can follow them

Another self-employment idea is to do more of what you already do. Accountants, transcriptionists, and paralegals are hundred per cent gainfully employed. An extra ten hours of doing what you know how to do on the weekend might pay off and you would not have to spend extra money to do it. Everyone needs tax services, document retrieval, notaries, and legal advice. And most of the time, we do these things for others and do not get paid for it. Get some cards done, drop them in coffee shops, libraries and community bulletin boards, and watch your home business venture grow. It will grow.

A good self-employment idea is to offer services to do jobs that others do not like do. Caregiving services, housekeeping, and babysitting are still time-honoured jobs that folks will pay well for. It would be good to get the minimal certifications and then get some cards. You can advertise in community papers for services and solicit just about anywhere for work. Again, these are services people need and will pay for. Doing one or two complimentary services will get you started and establish you as a professional in the neighbourhood. It will pay off and soon you will have more work than you imagined.

Self-employment ideas begin with a realistic assessment of who you really are, what your talents are, and what you want to do with the stuff you know. It is wise to do self-development, and self-education in the job you choose and do it well. You can find fulfilment, freedom, and a paycheck if you do.

Self Employment Ideas

List of 100 plus Self Employment Ideas for you

Some of the most popular business ideas that people are now pursuing or researching include the following self-employment options:


#01. Academic tutoring services[Visit here: Top 12 Legitimate sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs ]

#02. Agriculture


#03. Baking, bakery or cake business

#04. Bail bonds business

#05. Bar business

#06. Blogging

#07. Bookkeeping services

#08. Background check service

#09. Business card printing

#10. Bottled water business


#11. Cleaning business: house cleaning, housekeeping, office cleaning, janitorial

#12. Consulting business: (See blog post).

#13. Clothing business

#14. Carpet cleaning

#15. Construction business

#16. Computer repair

#17. Credit repair business

#18. Cell phone business

#19. Call centre [Visit here: Entry Level Phone Calls Jobs No Job Experience required ( Update 2018 )]


#20. Cookie business

#21. Career counselling

#22. Coffee shop and/or coffee roasting business

#23. Check cashing service

#24. Car rental business

#25. Candle sales/candle making

#26. Concrete business

#27. Car wash and/or hand car wash business

#28. Computer consulting

#29. Car transport business


#30. Daycare/childcare services

#31. Delivery service

#32. Dropship business

#33. Decorating business

#34. Direct sales

#35. Dollar store

#36. Dry cleaning


#37. eBay business

#38. Event planning

#39. eCommerce business [Create an online store*]


#40. Foreign language translation services

#41. Financial planning services

#42. Floral business (flower shop)

#43. Fashion design business

#44. Fast food business

#45. Furniture business

#46. Franchise businesses

#47. Frozen foods

#48. Freelance writer


#49. Greenhouse business

#50. Gas station

#51. Gardening business

#52. Gym/fitness business


#53. Home staging business

#54. Home healthcare business

#55. Hair salon

#56. Hotel business


#57. IT consulting

#58. Import/export business


#59. Jewellery sales business


#60. Laundry business


#61. Moving services

#62. Multi-level marketing/network marketing

#63. Mystery shopping business

#64. Motorcycle business

#65. Marketing/advertising agency and/or freelance copywriting*

Social media marketing services

#66. Medical transportation

#67. Manufacturing

#68. Magazine publishing

#69. Medical supply business

#70. Medical billing services

#71. Massage business/massage therapy

#72. Mail order business


#73. Newspaper publishing

#74. Nursery business

#75. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation


#76. Offering music lessons (individual or group): guitar, piano, singing


#77. PC repair services

#78. Photography

#79. Party planning business

#80. Pressure washing

#81. Painting business (interior and exterior house painting)

#82. Pizza shop

#83. Pool hall business

#84. Plumbing services

#85. Property management business


#86. Rental car business

#87. Referral business

#88. Real estate business

#89. Retail sales

#90. Recycling business

#91. Real estate investment business

#92. Resale business


#93. Security services or consulting (residential, commercial, personal security, etc)

#94. Sewing business

#95. Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance

#96. Storage business (storage unit rental/ self-storage)

#97. Shoe business

#98. Stained glass business


#99. Tax preparation

#100. Travel agency

#101. Transportation

#102. Telemarketing

#103. T-shirt business

#104. Taxicab business


#105. Video game business

#106. Virtual Assistant[Visit here:15 Legitimate Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants]


#107. Web design and/or graphic design business

#108. Wholesale business

#109. Web hosting business

#110. Website design

#111. Wedding planning


Self Employment Ideas – Conclusion

Self-employment ideas should not cost a lot and should not be the dreaded second jobs, with no benefits and long hours because that would make them just other jobs that are not what you want.

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