Sigtrack Review

SigTrack is a platform where basically provides legitimate home-based data entry jobs only for US residency freelancers. As a Data Entry Clerk, you are responsible for data processing signature and updating voter registration for a number of state in the US. Forgetting this job, you must be a US resident which they will have to confirm. This content is about Sigtrack Review.

What is Sigtrack?

Sigtrack is a database platform where offers data entry jobs only for US residency crowdsource freelancers. They handle all data information and you will connect for processing petition signatures and update voter registration for a number of states in the United States in their various campaigns.

Sigtrack Review

Are You Qualified To Become A Data Entry Freelancer For Sigtrack?

  • Must be provided prove U.S residency
  • To be open for all people in every state across the United States
  • Sigtrack offer entry-level data entry job, so no need any previous data entry experience
  • Basically, Sigtrack offer seasonal work

Sigtrack Review

What Are The Equipment/Computer Sigtrack Freelancer’s Requirements?

  • Windows 7 Pro or latest update, or Mac OS 10.11 or latest update
  • Dual monitors (one should be 1080p)
  • High-speed internet (10mbps or faster recommended)

What Is The Schedule?

Sigtrack offers its data entry workers to have a flexible work schedule at home only for US resident.  If you are looking flexible good job and want to earn extra money, I suggest, Sigtrack is the best way for you. If you work regularly as their per instructions, you can make easily some good money when work is available.

Sigtrack Review

What Is The Sign Up Process?

At last, you need to provide your legal U.S. residency. Simply take a quick video of yourself and your ID, so that they check and mass your U.S. residency. You can send your video in the Email to[email protected]. You must provide your verified PayPal account address. If you want to talk live with them, you can contract Skype allied data. diversify Mon-Sat from 12 PM until 8 PM Central Time. Once you are approved, you will receive a password to access the Big track app. After installation completed, you can provide The Job Specs detail what to tag each signature on the forms. After that, you can launch your work.

How Much Does Sigtrack Pay?

Sigtrack basically pays per piece. The price generally depends on an Elance job posting and they pay average 3.7$ per signature that means, 10 keystrokes per tag,  average 15$ per registration and payment scaled 50% to 100% depending on accuracy. Between 98% to 100% accuracy, each per cent of error of the measured 10% of the base rate. Those are calculated per job per day. Peer reviewers get a small piece rate in addition to the correcting errors.

What Is Payment Method?

Sigtrack pays you a weekly basis in your via PayPal account on every Wednesday.

How can you apply?

If you are interested in getting this job, visit their website and apply now, click here!

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