SlicethePie Review

SlicethePie Reviews

You might wonder when you will see the content headline and think “how can possible to get paid to listen to music?”This content is about SlicethePie Reviews. Now I clear that and discuss, how you can make extra money. SlicethePie is a site that will actually let you get paid to listen to music! You should know that Slicethepie isn’t going to replace your full-time income and just only make extra money. However, it’s really fun and creating a way to earn will likely amount to a bit more than a small change of task. It’s possible to make hourly $5 to $6 or more depending on your position. This content is about SlicethePie Reviews.

What Is The SlicethePie?

SliceThePie is a survey website that pays you to write reviews and offers referral commission. The reviews consist of several categories that including music, fashion, homewares, mobile etc. Their purpose, your opinions help artists and brands to make decisions. It’s a great way for musicians to get improve their brands. They have paid more than $3 million to reviewers and were have had over 26 million reviews submitted.

Product Name: Slicethepie

Website URL: www.slicethepie.com

Price: free to sign up

Overall Rating: 40 out of 100

Payment Method: via PayPal Account

SlicethePie Reviews

How Does SliceThePie Work?
SliceThePie basically pays you to write your opinions throw submitted the review in the category of your choosing( You can choose music, fashion, homewares, mobile). Being a high-quality review, you must follow a few key rules.

1stly, You make sure to pay attention to your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

If you choose to listen to a music soundtrack, you must listen to at least 90 seconds of the song. Then you should say, what are you like most and what is not. You describe what you like or dislike about the vocals, instrumentals and so on. The rate the song out of 10. That’s it.

How Much Money Can You Make with SlicethePie?

You’re probably wondering, how much can you actually make from Slicethepie. Really their money

making system is very simple and easy to do.

Slice the pie company offers you a 10% referral commission. Suppose, your referrals have earned $100 in total. So you will get $10.

You need to listen to music each track for at least 90 seconds then you only can make $0.01 per review.

As a Slicethepie agent, some of the users talked about their earnings on Reddit. Those in this Reddit thread, mention that if you improve your reviews, you can get between $0.10 to $0.14 per review.

So, all in all, writing reviews for Slicethepie isn’t going to replace your full-time income anytime soon. Only you can make some extra money as a part-time income.

However, having said that, the one thing that Slicethepie set up apart is the fact that reviewing music is quite fun.

If you’re a music fan, then you might find the experience of reviewing tracks on the site. And get some extra money for your generic survey site.

How Are You Paid?

Slice the Pie pays you with your via PayPal Account every Tuesday and Friday. You must make a minimum $10 to withdraw.

Their payment system is very simple. Just you will need to put in your date of birth. Next, you will put, how much amount you want to take out and click “Withdraw” button. That’s it!

Who can sign up for Slice the Pie?

If you are 13 and up and interested to learn more or to join, visit SliceThePie.com to join for free and get started. However, the United Kingdom-based this company, but anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to create an account.

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