Top 5 Useful Tips for Starting Out as a Professional Transcriptionist

As a professional transcriptionist, you must have some Useful Tips. I have discussed for you top 5 useful trips, these are meant to help you jumpstart your online home-based career in transcription the right way With the various benefits associated with a career in transcription. If you follow this trips, I am sure you have come to a better output and earn minimum $15 Per Hour or above.

Transcription Equipment

The following items are most essential for a Professional Transcriptionist:

  • Must have a windows computer or laptop with the latest update or Mac Pro.
  • Have quality  headphones that provide the clearest audio
  • Must have High-speed internet
  • Having some transcription software as like as Express Scribe transcription(Free download), Express Scribe pro Transcription (Paid)
  • Having Accurate spelling and punctuation
  • Backup foot pedal for digital transcription in case the main pedal breaks or malfunctions (not necessary but a good idea)
  • Quality headphones that provide the clearest Audi
  1. Must be needed to be a fast and accurate typist

As a transcriptionist, you will undoubtedly know some multiple skills like as typing speed, Internet research, spelling, punctuation, and listening. Typing speed is one of the most important qualifications that you must have. If you will type slowly and will have to make the endless corrections, you will make the job take so long that you will waste a lot of your time and lose money.  So you have at least 45 wpm typing speed or above.

  1. Must be needed to have clear and accurate hearing skills

As a transcriptionist, you must be able to hear and understand what is being said on the audio so you can type it. It’s so important and necessary for a high-quality speaker. If there is an accent, or if there is background noise, you can’t accurate transcribe.

  1. Get transcription software to do the job

A lot of free and paid software versions available via an Internet search to do the job. Most popular transcription software is  Express Scribe and every transcriptionist love this software. If you have experience using the software, you can operate it using keyboard shortcuts or a foot pedal. Whatever make sure, what software suitable for you.

  1.  Must control your accuracy

You must try 100% accuracy so you need only type as fast as you can type accurately. If you don’t have to correct a lot of spelling and grammar errors, it will save you proofreading time later. You should have good spelling and grammar skills. If you do not sure your transcription accuracy errorless, be sure to have someone else proofread your transcript before sending it to the client.

  1.  Be sure you have a comfortable workplace

A comfortable workplace is so important to do the job. When you do your transcription job, you sit on an exercise ball. It keeps you upright and active, and there is nothing impeding your elbows or arms. So that, you can type longer periods of time before tiring.  And make sure your workplace must be nose less and crowd less.


As a professional transcriptionist, you can definitely have a successful career in transcription. If you have felt any problem, please share with me for doing the transcription job, you must comment on me. I try to solve your problem.  

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