Study.com Review– Make Money At Work From Home

Study.com is an educational platform where mainly provides online college-level educational opportunities and here included more than 1000 plus subjects. Any students can take courses on a wide variety of subjects through the site, and gain actual credit hours that can be transferred to thousands of colleges and university programs. The most interesting matter is their lessons are video-based, also they offer text-based lessons and resources for their students. Study.com hires an educational content writer that per lesson system is hired, and also, they hire work-at-home video editors.

What Are The Subjects Offer Study.com?

Study.com offers more than 1000 plus subjects for tutoring College students, High School, Adult Education, Middle School, Graduate & Post-Graduate, Elementary School, Professional Development students through using their website virtual classroom. If you are expertise any one or more subjects, you can apply as a Virtual Tutor at Study.com.

What Are The Qualifications Study.com Needed As becoming A Independent Conductor?

  • Have a minimum postgraduate for any reputed institute
  • Must have a legal residency of United State or Canada
  • Have one or two years of teaching experience
  • Have basic knowledge of computer
  • Have the ability to write pronunciation errorless
  • Have the ability to speak fluently

What Are The Operating System Requirements To Become A Study.com Conductor?

Operating Systems

  • Have a Windows PC with the latest update or Mac OS

For using the Study.com mobile app

  • Have iOS 8.0 or latest and Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Or, requires Android 4.1 and up


  • Must have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE9 and above.


  • Have high-speed Broadband Internet minimum 1 Mbps or higher

For using PC headphone And webcam

  • Must have a high-quality headphone and webcam.

Specific Skill For Each Subject

  • For Computer Science jobs have knowledge of programming C, C++, Javascript, PHP, Python etc.
  • For graphics design jobs have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.
  • For editing jobs have knowledge video editing.

What Is Study.com Application Process?

To apply for this job, you’ll need to do:

  • Fill out an online questionnaire,
  • Provide a resume and
  • Providing appropriate samples of your work for the evaluation purposes.

Mind it, the types of samples differ depending on what subject are you expert and what subject you’re applying for. Study.com offers most of the writing jobs require an introductory paragraph some of the so short and some of the long. For instance, if you experts in a program and want to apply for a job writing about computer science, you’ll need to code a very short computer program using either javascript or C and paste the appropriate code into the form so they can inspect it. For the graphics design jobs, you can create a tutorial on how to create a logo design, flyer, business card and instant you can upload so they can inspect it. And for video editing jobs, you’ll have to edit a 2-minute sample video using a piece of narration that they provide.

How Much You Can Earn?

Your earnings depend on your skills and which position you’re hired for because study.com pays variation of pay rate. Their writing work is generally paid on an article basis. As an independent writing conductor, your payments rates depending on what a company is offering at a given time. Generally, writers are paid 40 dollars for writing a lesson.

As a video editor, you are paid 14 dollars for every 2-minutes of finished video and you will need to add the video good sound surface also, high-quality.

According to the GlassDoor, study.com independent conductors are made Video Editor – Hourly Contractor can earn $14 per hour. Data Analyst

Can make between $81K to $123K per year. And Senior Software Engineer can make between $124K to $162K per year.

What Is Study.com Payment Method?    

Study.com currently pays twice per month via Visa Card, Discover Card, American Express and PayPal. Mind it, they can not accept prepaid cards, gift cards, cash, check, or money order.

How Can You Apply?

If you are interested to apply and face their requirements, visit their website and get started now.  You can more check 50 Companies That Pay $16 Per Hour to Work From Home.

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