The Smart Crowd Review:Work from Your Own home

 The Smart Crowd Review:

Nowadays Virtual Data Entry is the most popular job, however day by day as technology progressed, data entry at times can be archaic. Now, I found one company who is one of the largest data entry companies online and hires available Virtual Data Entry jobs. Now, you might already guess,  who is that company. This company name is The Smart Crowd. This content is about  The Smart Crowd Review.

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Today’s post, I try to completely discuss at this post “The Smart Crowd Review”. I am suggested, If you search data entry jobs company, this company will perfect for you.

Read more about “The Smart Crowd (Formerly VirtualBee) Review”.

What Is The Smart Crowd  (Formerly VirtualBee)?

The Smart Crowd is all of known to be a Virtual Data Entry Company that used to be known as Virtual Bee which had established in 2001. They hire available data entry contractor work from home opportunity with flexible time. You choose night or day, two hours or six, you can control your schedule. The Smart Crowd Review.

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What Is Data Entry?

In essence, data entry means to operate an excel sheet or document/software online to input data which may be alphabetic, numeric or symbolic into a company’s system. As a data entry operator, they may be required to verify or edit data. The data may come from handwritten forms, a piece of paper or be audio files.

So as a data entry operator, you may do,  

    • Typing
    • Editing data
  • Transcription
  • Verify and Correct data
  • Prepare and organize documents
  • Enter data from documents into a template

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How Can You Join?

The Smart Crowd joining is quite simple.

Firstly, you have to do is visit their website, put in your legal email then you are becoming a member of the Smart Crowd. In your email, you will receive the invitation to joining.

Secondly, Next, answer questions about your demographics, education, areas of expertise and language skills.

Finally, after your joining, you will take an evaluation exam. You may face this exam, sections on translating and basic data entry. You must do this because they want to make sure you are at least qualified to do some of the work on the site. If you will get the higher your score, you will get more opportunities to make money.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Having good spelling, grammar and punctuation skills
  • Ability to work quickly
  • Minimum at least 18 years old  
  • Excellent typing speed and accuracy.
  • Having a Windows computer or Mac Pro
  • high-speed internet

How Much Money Can You Make with Smart Crowd?

It’s the interesting part of The Smart Crowd (Formerly VirtualBee) Review, after all,  this is a money-making blog. As A Virtual Bee Agent, your pay is based on the quantity of completed work and that rates may vary. Generally, payment for each assignment will depend on how much data you are entering, and how many strokes are in the piece of data. You can make around $0.30 per 1000 keystrokes for starters. As a beginner, expect the per piece rate to work out to about $5 to $6 per hour.

How Are You Paid?

The Smart Crowd pay you via direct deposit or check weekly. You must reach a minimum of $30 before payment is issued.

If you are interested to join The Smart Crowd, more know visit their website here and get started.

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