Transcription Jobs For You No Past Experience Required

Transcription Jobs For You No Past Experience Required

Nowadays it’s a common misconception that you need a college degree or lots of experience to fulfil your dream of working from home. Truly I say,  most of the companies hire people to work from home starting out with an entry-level position, no past experience required. It is about transcription jobs.

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How to Become a Transcriptionist And Earn $25 Per Hour

This content is about Transcription Jobs For You No Past Experience Required

In today’s post, I will share you some helpful transcription information for those seeking entry-level opportunities.

There are many general transcription companies that will give you a shot at a job without past transcription experience, but you will most likely have to take a transcription and/or typing test to prove your skills and talent.

If you have any question or you feel helpful please, comment me in the below.

#01.Scribie More Read (Review)  

Scribie is a home-based job if you are a fresher or experienced to doing this job and want to earn online money, I suggest you for work this company at your flexible time. They give you short audio or video file. You can earn $5 to $20USD audio hour rate. They pay you in your via PayPal account no withdraw limit required.

Transcription Jobs For You No Past Experience Required


                       Scribie Jobs For You

            No Past Experience Required

Scribie offers you a great opportunity to augment your income by transcribing short audio or video files for them. You just need to go through a test process and you get certified as a transcriber. You listen to the audio or video files and type it as accurately as possible.  Here, no monthly commitments or minimum withdrawal limits and you can cash ouvia PayPal account once a day.

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Why must need your verified PayPal account???

Scribie will send payments via PayPal and they require a Verified PayPal account in order to be eligible for this program. Also, it has to be linked to a bank account and/or credit card depending upon your country. If you want more details, Please check the PayPal FAQ for the exact process. If you do not have a verified PayPal account then no tension, please sign up for one free and get it verified before applying. The main purpose of a verified via PayPal account indicates that you are able to successfully transfer your earnings to a bank account.

What is the Transcription Process??

Their transcription process consists of following steps.

  1. File Splitting:  the first step, the audio file is split into 6-minute intervals.
  2. Raw Transcription: In this step, you play the audio or video file and clearly listen then transcribed as accurately and cleanly as possible.
  3. Review: At this time, the Raw Transcript is checked for correctness and quality. The audio or video file is played back again for transcribed check accurately word by word.
  4. Proofreading: In this step, you collate and combine all of the steps and transcript check against the audio once more.
  5. Quality Check: In the final step, You check the transcript quality and then hand over this file.

More their process available click here.

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What is scribie Payment method??

They pay you $5 to $20 per audio hour and your flexible actual time spent working on it. The payment for the 6-minute file, therefore, can vary from $0.50 to $2.00. They will send you to reward your PayPal account within one business day.  You can withdraw your reward from your via PayPal account anytime.

Do they give any Bonus and Referral & Affiliate commission???

Yes, they give a bonus and referral & affiliate commission. They pay monthly bonus $5 regular minimum 3 hours completed each month. You must at list $40 earn monthly for getting this bonus.

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They will pay you a 5% affiliate commission for each transcript order placed by a referred customer. You can promote your Scribie.com profile on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for affiliate commission. They encourage you to promote your Scribie.com profile on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Your profile page will be automatically marked as your referral when anyone who applies for a transcriber or orders a transcript after visiting.

Are you ready for join here???

If you want to work here please click the Apply tab and submit your application to start. You have any question click the FAQ or contact us via email.

#02.CastingWords More Read(Review)

CastingWords company hires transcriptionists from all over the world because they search always new talent. They give the opportunity to do work at home who have not any past experience. They pay between $0.60 and $1.20 per audio minute that depending on file complexity. They pay you in your via PayPal account no limit required. You can cash out every Friday for all task completed.

If you are a transcriber and want to join here click apply now!!

CastingWords Review: Your Best Option For Transcription Jobs!

It is hard enough to find work or get a job at home opportunities that allow you to work at your own pace. No obligations! CastingWords is the best option for your transcription needs!!! It has been established since 2005 in the United States.

Their workers are the secret ingredient of CastingWords.com and they do the transcribing, editing, QA and more. You can work here with as much or as little as you want at a given time. Best of all, it is easy to start working and get paid.

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How much can you earn?

You will typically earn between $0.60 and $1.20 per audio minute that depending on file complexity that you transcribed. Depending on how timely your work is done and your work quality, they will give you bonuses that get you over the $1 per minute.

What is the Payment method?

CastingWords.com issue payment via the PayPal MassPay system. They pay the PayPal fees, so you get the full balance of your account when they transfer your funds. They pay you every Friday at 10:00 AM (GMT 8) Pacific Time.

How do you jobs work?

When you will finish your account fully set up and you have passed the transcription test, you will wait a few minutes to click on the Workshop interface. After some moment you can see different parts of the site. Here you will use the most are your Dashboard, the Available Jobs list, and your My Jobs tab.

When you will complete enough low-level jobs, you’ll be eligible to work on larger jobs that pay more. You can use for transcription  Express Scribe (free version) And Express Scribe Pro (one-time fee of $29.99) (optional if you want to transcribe video files).

How Can You Apply?

If your age is 18 years and want to apply here, just go to the CastingWords.com website and you’ll find the application page rather quickly.

Apply to CastingWords Here

#03.1-800-Type-It-Up –More Read(Review)

The 1-800-type-it-up company has the most experienced transcriptionists. They give every year a great opportunity who have no past experience because they have been always doing searched for “new talent”. Their paying ranges from $36 to $180 per audio hour and they strive to pay at least $1 to $2 per audio minute ($60 to $120 per audio hour) and higher when possible. They pay with via PayPal account. You can withdraw twice per month.

1-800-Type-It-Up Review: Get Pay If You Are Talented                                        Without Past Experience

You remember that transcription requires hard work and skill.  So transcription isn’t just something anyone can do. As such,  1-800-Type-It-Up have been looking for the best and brightest person who is talented. Only United States residents can apply for this jobs. So if you live here and you want to become a transcriptionist for 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP, please apply and fill out for the job below.

How much can you earn??

Their transcriptionists make $36 to $180 per audio hour and 1-800-Type-It-Up basically pays at least $1 to $2 per audio minute or $60 to $120 per audio hour. Your pay rate depends on how much clients are willing to pay per assignment. In addition, search engine advertising cost is extremely high, ranging anywhere from $5 to $25 per click every time anyone. Even anyone clicks on an ad in Google, Bing or Yahoo who only earn $10 to $30 per audio hour that’s why he/she earn $36 to $180 per audio hour for the click ads.

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Who Can You Apply??

If you want to apply here, you will pay to apply one-time, non-refundable $10 application fee. That your fee goes directly to the staff member who will be taking time to review your application and test. Please Understand it, when you will pay the fee for the work here, you would must serious about that work. Their all telephone line open for clients, so you will not try to call them. If you will call them, your results are an automatic failure of transcription test. How to apply you can see here please click YouTube.

What is your Equipment need??

To work for them, you will need the following:

a)A computer (You may use a Mac or PC.)

  1. b) Express Scribe (free version)
  2. c) Express Scribe Pro (one-time fee of $29.99) (optional if you want to transcribe video files)
  3. d) A Google account
  4. e)  High-Quality Headphone
  5. f) High-speed Internet

g)Microsoft Office

h)Skype Account etc.

If you have questions about the application process they have put together an applicant FAQ page that answers the most common questions. They receive from applicants on a daily basis.

#04.Accutran Global More Read (Review)

Accutran Global gives you a great opportunity to doing transcription jobs at home entry-level and here do n’t have the experience required. Only US and Canadian residents transcriber are eligible for this work. You can earn 0.005USD per word with opportunities for pay increases. So you can earn $2.50 for every 500 words you write. This Company pays you once per month with via PayPal account.

  AccuTran Global Review: Get Pay Without

               Experience Required

AccuTran Global established in 2002,  AccuTran Global is a full-service Canadian transcription company providing services to clients around all over the world. They hire Only residents transcribers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you want to work here from home, you might prepare transcripts from audio and video files.

How can you Sign Up??

If you agree to join AccuTran Global, you must visit on the main website and download an application through a Word file. You face a typing test exam and you must pass the exam. You can see how quickly you can type words in a minute. You might want to train well enough so you can type 70 words per minute regularly. If the requirement is completed, you can cut and paste the results of your test and put it on your application then you include entries that application.

You send the application to the proper email address with the right subject matter and you’re on your way.  You should have waited for within six weeks about whether you have been accepted or not.  

How can you do the jobs here??

When your application has been accepted for this jobs then you can complete through AccuTran Global will be sent to you based on your availability. Here all of the tasks are open. There is no sure to doing work or getting work full-time at this site but the flow of work can be consistent. You work here independently with your flexible time and you meet client deadlines while following guidelines precisely is critical for you may contracting them click here.

What will you transcribe?

Professional working for AccuTran Global transcription site is a great balance between family and work. You work here with your flexible time. You are going to transcribe so you might prepare for doing conference calls, panel discussions, basic business meetings and focus groups among other things. You must Check your availability when applying for work with AccuTran Global so you can be contacted at times when you can actually work.

How much can you earn?

You can earn typically $0.005USD per word for a basic project. So you can earn $2.50 USD for every 500 words you write. You will get more 20%  bonus on projects if you work involving foreign calls from non-English speaking countries. Also, you can get 20% bonus if you work on a call that entails lots of technical terms. You will get $50 USD as a reimbursement for training if you earn $2,000 within six months.

They pay you via check or wire transfer on the 15th of each every month.

How can you apply??

If you want to join here, please click Apply tab or contract [email protected] anytime and submit your application to start.

#05.GoTranscript – More Read(Review)

If you are worried about your life and you invest a lot of time online but no output or you have no past experience. This transcript company for you who hires transcriptionists from all over the world. They pay you between $0.60 to $1.20USD per audio minute depending on your file complexity. They pay you every Friday in your via PayPal account or via Payoneer account no cash-out limit required.


         GoTranscript For You Without Past Experience Required

Are you a transcriber and do you search a transcript company for a job? Gotranscript is another professional transcription company you are doing work here no past experience required at home all over the world. It is a basic transcription site that offers a vast variety of tasks. Firstly, you should look at how well you’re working on this site. You decide, what to do? But I am sure, you like this site. If you want to stay employed and continue to be successful there.

Are you know about the GoTranscript site?

GoTranscript is a most popular and professional transcription company, it was founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They started and got-up with only 37 transcriptionists and 15 proofreaders when the year 2006. Today their team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders and customer support specialists. Here, every year more than 150,000 transcriptions have been delivered by the site in its history as well. They carefully train and certified their all staff. They review their service quality regularly to ensure best-in-class results.

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Why do you choose GoTranscript?

You will have the freedom to choose any favourite projects no past experience required, you want to complete while working for the transcript. You will work here in your flexible time anywhere at home. Here, you will get the total amount of time for each project will vary based on the specific things you want to do at a certain point. So you must have to complete your work within a certain time period.

What is GoTranscript Payment method?

You can earn between $0.60 to $1.20 USD for each audio or video minute you transcribe. Here, This company members get

about $150 per month on average with the top-paid worker getting about $1,200 a month. All transcribers and proofreaders

cash-out their money by via PayPal account.

How can you Apply?

GoTranscript’s apply system is so easy. Firstly you go to the site and you just sign up on the site or through Facebook or Google Plus. You will have to complete a basic application and you face a small test to get into the system. Finally, this company clearly wants to ensure that its employees are actually useful and they know what you are doing.

Are you ready for join transcript?

If you want to join here, please click Apply tab and submit your application to start.

#06.Rev.com More Read(Review)

Rev is another most popular transcription companies that accept beginners who have no experience. If you want to do work with your flexible time, you can apply here. They Pay you between $0.50 to $0.75 USD per audio or video minute. They pay you by your via PayPal account weekly.

  (review) :         

                     Earn an Extra Money

   With No Past Experience Required By Rev

Rev.com’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home opportunity. They are bringing the best of the office to their online workplace.

Rev.com is a transcription site where you can do work have no experience required. It pays remote workers to write captions for videos or audios.  Those are usually interesting, sometimes educational and can even be fun.

How much does Rev.com pay?

Rev pays you not huge but they consider there is no previous experience required. Generally, they pay you between $0.50 to $0.75 USD per audio or video minute. Remember it,  an audio minute is different than the actual minute. How audio or video is long that calculate your total amount. You can earn here the average earnings $240 per month, with the top-earning being $1,570.

Can you work here with your flexible time?

Ya, you can work Rev with your flexible time. You can work here much time long or as a little time as you want. All you must need is a high configuration computer, a better microphone, and an internet connection.

What is Rev.com Payment method?

You receive payout via PayPal account for all work completed weekly.

How do you get started earning money with Rev.com?

If you want to join Rev.com, Learn more click here and you apply for the closed captioning work at Rev by visiting their site and starting the application process. I  suggest all of the transcribers, you work this job so easily if you use grammarly.com. If you want to use it first you must register then you can use it.

#07.Babbletype More Read (Review)

Babbletype is another the most popular transcription company in this modern era. They pay at least $40 per audio hour. You can apply here without past experience and they Offer you excellent flexibility. Babbletypepay you via PayPal account and they pay you weekly via PayPal for all work completed.

Babbletype Review: Work At Home No Past Experience Required

Are you feeling depressed and you always try to improve yourself but don’t come to any output in online. You are talented but you have no past experience so you can’t get better jobs. Babbletype Company gets the opportunity to do work without experience. I suggest you can start work here.

Babbletype is a transcription site that has established in 2009. This company has been coming as MRT managed a massive overhaul of its services. The site has Facebook and LinkedIn pages too.

What Will You Do?

When you Sign up for Babbletype and you’ll have access to an extensive variety of projects. Without your native language Maybe you know a foreign language or more language. You will get access to many files in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Japanese among others in this site. Don’t worry you choose your language that you actually know.

What is Babbletype Payment method?

Babbletype pays you weekly via PayPal account for all work completed, regular as timely work. Babbletypewill sends you a report how much you earn the following Wednesday and you will fund PayPal the day after that. There is no limit to what you can earn either.

How much can you earn?

Babbletype pays you $0.40 – $0.60 per audio minute depending on the type and pays $0.45 per audio minute for typical verbatim recordings.

You can earn $1.30 per audio minute for Spanish and Portuguese translation and earn  $1.40 per audio minute for all other languages translation. Spanish and Portuguese rates are lower because of vast competition and most common languages.

How Can You Apply?

If your age is 18 years and want to apply here, just go to the Babbletype website and you’ll find the application page rather quickly. You will check the form and then complete a test.

It might take a few weeks for you to get a response after you apply for a position.

Apply to Babbletype Click Here.

#08. TranscribeMe More Read(Review)  

Salary scale: minimum $20 per hour

TranscribeMe(review): If you are a good transcriber and you search for a better workplace at home without any past experience required I suggest you for doing the job. Here you will earn a minimum $20 per audio hour for transcribing short audio files. If you have medical or legal transcription experience you will earn a higher rate. They pay you weekly with via PayPal account.


Transcription for Beginners at TranscribeMe

One year ago, I started doing work a TranscribeMe company for transcription that I found out about TranscribeMe is the best transcription company in the world. I am impressed with when I show their activities and payment policy. If you are a transcriber or fresher about it and search a well-trusted site TranscribeMe one of the best.

Now I will provide more information on TranscribeMe in this post. Here, you need no past transcription experience to apply for this job.

What is the payment system of TranscribeMe???

They will pay you $20 an audio hour If you are fresher and you have no past experience required. On behalf of, if you will show your skill or experience, they pay you $50 an audio hour.

TranscribeMe pays you via Paypal account weekly. You can cash out at least $10 from via PayPal for all work completed. Their payment calculates time every Tuesday for work completed the previous Monday through Sunday.

Transcription Jobs For You No Past Experience Required

Who Can You Sign Up??

You can work here from home any place in your flexible time in over the world. However, you must have to appear a verified via PayPal account. They have transcription exams so you face and pass that exam. You have must skilled and fluent in English and Spanish. Also, you must need some equipment as like as high configuration pc, best quality headphone, high-speed net etc.

How can you apply??

In terms of the application process, Firstly you will go to the site and fill out your basic information. After this, you will transcribe two files carefully for the test. They will see your work well you can complete your task. If you will pass the test then you can work here. I recommend you work hard on the test so you at least get it right the first time.

Apply to Transcribe Team Here


Appenscribe is another transcription company. If you want to work here you must be able to commit to 10 hours per week with Appenscribe. They pay you about $0.005 per word you transcribe in your via PayPal account every 2 weeks for all task completed.


Quicktate no needs transcription experience or certification. You will transcribe several audio types, like voicemails, phone calls, and conference calls. They pay the ¼ cent per word for general transcription. They pay you with your via PayPal account every Monday for all task completed.

If you want to start work click apply to Quicktate here.


Tigerfish company has been around for a long time and they will consider beginners for work who have no past experience. If you are a transcribe and you want to start work here, you must give a transcription skills test. You must pass the test then you can work on this website.

click apply to Tigerfish here.

Transcription Jobs For You No Past Experience Required

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