5 Creative Ways to Make Money from Your Website

Ways to Make Money

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While there are many ways to make money from your website, there are only a few who really made a considerable amount of money from their website. So what really sets apart the money earner from the money wisher? Well, simply put, money earners have the necessary information and use this information as a means to realize their online potential.

This is the main reason that you need to be equipped with the right information in order to succeed in the online market.

Ways to Make Money

In this post, let us explore 5 various ways on how you can monetize your website. However, before anything else, the first requisite that you need to focus on is to have a website and to improve it in such a way that it can really generate income for you. I am talking about adding great and relevant content, making your website user-friendly and easy to navigate, and increasing its online presence and visibility.

1. Placing ads on your website

When it comes to online marketing, it is not a great surprise to see many ads flying all over many websites. Most businesses come to life because of the ads they place on other websites and affiliates. For this reason, the advertisement is a great avenue for you to start earning money. The easiest and most common way to look for companies who want to run ads is through third-party ad managing companies. This online money making sites may include Google AdSense (which has the highest potential revenue), InfoLinks, Chitika, and Kontera. When you finally affiliate with them and your website is approved, they will start placing advertisement media on your website. Depending on the payment scheme, these companies will pay you every time the ads are viewed or clicked by a visitor to your website.

The money you earn through advertisements may vary and will greatly depend upon many factors such as the number of traffic in your website, the quality of your website, the quality of ads, and others. I believe that most start-up websites fail to earn more from this method because they tend to get discouraged when they see no income is coming in for the first few months and even years after starting!

The truth should be told. The websites that make money online were not successful overnight. Earning from the advertisement is never easy. You need to work on the different factors that will affect your income to increase your income. Though this might take a very long time, it is still a certain way to earn money.

2. Affiliate programs

Next to advertising, the most popular way to earn from your website is through affiliate programs. So how does this work? It is like you take a product, promote, and sell it to other people. When that product is sold through your website, then you can keep a certain percentage of the selling price. Some of the best money making sites and affiliate programs that you should work with are LinkShare, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, Amazon Associates, PeerFly.com, ClixGalore, ClickBank, Neverblue.com, and MaxBounty.

How much can you earn from the affiliate program? Again, this greatly depends on a number of different factors. It is either you need to write a great content about a topic that will be supplemented by the product you are selling or you can directly write about the product you are promoting. The key here is traffic plus engagement with potential buyers.

3. Sell your ability and services

If the advertisement and affiliate program do not work for you, then you can turn to your skills and knowledge to make it big in the online arena. Today, more and more professionals are going to the Internet to sell what they know. You might have already encountered some “gurus” who are expert about something and providing consultation services via Skype, email, and telephone. You can charge a few dollars to a hundred per hour depending upon the quality of your consultation. So determine your knowledge and skills today. It can be about cooking, fitness training, guitar lesson, tutoring kids, writing, researching, and many others.

4. Selling hard goods

You can transform your knowledge and skills into something tangible that people will love to enjoy. Through your website, you can promote your own products and sell it according to your preference and need.

There are many things that you can sell. It can be your own eBook, old stuff lying in your house, secondhand gadgets, brand new products, handmade arts and crafts, and a lot more. You just need creativity and the ability to identify things that you can potentially sell online.

Here are some of the top 5 money making sites in the web today:

  • eBay, 99 Designs, Etsy, Craigslist, and Amazon.

5. Connect offline store to your website

If you are already an entrepreneur and seeking to expand your market size, then you need to bring your business online. It is no secret that most successful business establishments are now working online to get more customers.

Your website can function as your online store or a platform where you can disseminate information about your products. Your website can also be a place where you can take care of your customers. Connecting your offline store to your website can exponentially increase the level of your professionalism.

Now that you have our list of money making website ideas, I am sure that you get a clearer picture of how you can take advantage of the Internet. Though it is very difficult at first depending upon the energy, time, and resources you are willing to sacrifice, all these will be worth it as you begin to harvest the fruit of your labour in the future.

Ways to Make Money

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