Zirtual Reviews:How I Earned $80,000 from Zirtual ( With Proof )

Zirtual Reviews

Online Virtual Assistant it’s a common word and Zirtual is a very reputable company who recently hires an available online virtual assistant to work for their clients at home opportunity. To-days post at Zirtual review, I have tried to completely write about it.  

If you want to join Zirtual as a virtual assistant, firstly you will need to meet their requirements. If these are mass with you, you will make it through their extensive application process. This content is about Zirtual Reviews.

What is Zirtual?

Zirtual is a San Francisco based company that was established by Maren Kate in 2011. Their main vision to provide jobs for the US unemployment workers, college students, retirees through the luxury of concierge service with the practicality of an assistant.

As a Zirtual virtual professional assistant, you may work scheduling appointments, answering emails, gathering information, research, making reservations, gift shopping etc.

Zirtual Reviews

What are the Required Skills to Work For Zirtual?

Having high-speed internet connection

Having strong handwriting skill & error free

Having expert communication skills

Having a good knowledge of google docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, GCal, Outlook etc.

Having a landline or dependable cell phone

Having strong organization skills

Having strong problem-solving skills

Having strong internet research skills

Having the ability to work 8:30 am – 5:30 pm in client service time zone

Having brilliant project management skills

Must have completed all applicants at least a GED, but a college education is preferred.

If you feel you have these skills and you are interested to work with Zirtual, read the more Zirtual review then visit to go there website and get ready to start.

Zirtual Reviews

How much earn Zirtual Virtual Assistant?

Zirtual doesn’t say detail how much will get salary their virtual assistant on their website. As you are an applicant and you are going through the application process then they will ask you how many hours you are looking to work. They seem to give a hint when providing this information. Your salary will depend on your activities and how many hours you can work. In spite of being holidays, they do pay all their virtual assistant.

I asked some Zirtual assistant about it. They said me, as a beginner assistant with Zirtual, you can make between $12 to $15 an hour.

So you can invest a little or much time, you can make a handsome paycheck per month. Based on this information, if you work between 5 to 10 hours a week, you could earn $250 to $500 per month. If you want to invest more time that, suppose you invest 30 to 40 hours you can earn around $2500 to $3000 per month. You think it’s unbelievable but it’s really true.

Zirtual also offers referral commission. If you will join your friend you can earn $100 and your friend also get $100 for just sign-up.

What Is The Zirtual Payment Method?

Zirtual pays you via your PayPal account or Direct Deposit.

What Is The Application Process?

You must know Zirtual is a little different than all other Virtual Assistant Companies. They always want who hire must be unique worker so their application process is also unique. However, you must be careful when you are applied.

As a virtual assistant with Zirtual, you need to carefully complete the online application form which you will find their Zirtual website.

First step- Zirtual asks if it’s ok to check your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Mind it, it’s the part of Zirtual verification process. So Zartual third party will check out your social background. After that, they claim you will receive the report findings from Virtue’s background check then they will forward you the 2nd link for applying.

The final step, When you have completed and submitted your Zirtual application, their representative will review your application. After that Zirtul may ask you same simple question so you must ready to make the response a video call with them

Does Zirtual Offer Their Virtual Assistant Flexible Schedule?

Obviously, As Virtual Assistant with  Zirtual, you can coordinate meetings, schedule appointments and manage your Google Calendar. They offer to choose your flexible schedule and that you can manage very simply.

How Can You Join?

If you are interested to apply as a Virtual Assistant with Zirtual, visit their website click here, get more information and get started.  

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